Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

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Being a girl in Hollywood just sucks sometimes. Get photographed at a bad angle and your famous face will be splashed all over the tabs along with the word cellulite. (Kim Kardashian, anyone? Too ridic.)

Sure, thin will always be "in" in this superficial Biz of ours, but there's nothing more unattractive than being too damn skinny.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is the most recent inductee to this withering-away class of actresses, joining the likes of the Olsens, Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley.

Ash hit the premiere party for her new show, Melrose Place, this weekend, and all eyes were on her frail frame:

"[Ashlee] looks thinner every time I see her," worried a Simpson hanger-on. "I don't want to use the word emaciated just yet, but she really doesn't look healthy."

Unfortunately, we totally agree. If the camera adds on the pounds, can you imagine what ASW looks like in person? We've seen her recently, and the once perfectly sized Simpson is looking more skin and bones than totally bone-able.

Ashlee tells E! News she's just been "working out a lot" postbaby, but Team Awful attempts to work out a lot, too, and Ash's physique is hardly the fit 'n' toned look the gym gives you.

Maybe it's the stress of a new show, Twitter wars or marriage squabbling, but something seems off in the land of Simpson.

Think there's any chance some of these Hollywood actresses and models will take notice of what "normal" gals look like, kinda how Glamour mag does in its September issue? Probably not, but a few stops at In-N-Out certainly wouldn't hurt Ashlee & Co.

How do you like your female stars? Does skinny come with the job, or would you like to see a little more meat on their bones? 

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