Brad Pitt, Inglourious Basterds, Tom Cruise, Valkyrie

Francois Duhamel/TWC; United Artists

Looks like Brad Pitt still has a few more years to go before he enters into his glibless, insult-hurling, couch-jumping phase.

Despite what seemed like an albeit uncharacteristic verbal sucker punch to Tom Cruise's moviemaking chops last week, a rep for the Inglorious Basterds thesp has denied that Pitt's ever had a bad word to say about his onetime costar.

On Friday, the German magazine Stern ran an interview with Angie's better half, quoting the reigning box office champ as slamming Cruise's rival Nazi-fighting film Valkyrie as, quite simply, "a ridiculous movie."

But this is one dogfight that ended before it began.

"Brad has never seen Valkyrie so this is not accurate," his manager told tabloid of record Us Weekly.

Which, if we wanted to stir things up, we could almost classify as a diss-by-snubbing.

Not that we would ever want to do that.

Guess we'll just have to settle for the second-rate feuding of Joe & Alec.


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