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What's with the total lack of Robert Pattinson lately? He's all over this column, 'course, but it's his own studio that's leaving him in the dust, surprised? All we're seeing recently is dee-lish doll Kristen Stewart paired with Robbie-wannabe Taylor Lautneron the cover of Entertainment Weekly, on the New Moon poster and trailer, sitting next to him at Comic-Con and the Teen Choice Awards, with Rob either MIA or brushed to the side. Summit is seriously trying to make Taystew happen.

And now in a new interview, Tay and Kris say they're "kind of addicted" to American Idol and they'd love to perform on the show together. What song did they say they'd love to duet on?

Taylor Swift's "Love Story." Ha! Summit would love to make you think it's 'cause K.S. and T.L. are madly crushing on one another, but we know it's 'cause Tay Lautner developed a li'l crush on Ms. Swift while smooching for the upcoming flick Valentine's Day.

Is Summit that terrified of a Robsten takeover? Why else would they try to hide Pattinson so much? Sure his character's in New Moon a lot less than he was in Twilight, but it's his face fans are following.

"Rob's just not going to be featured as prominently as he was before—for now," blabbed one of our superinside Deep Twi sources.

Yeah, that's gonna go over real well. Revolt, everyone! We say revolt!

There's another sweet thang in the Twi crew being pimped out even more than Taystew...none other than Vanessa Hudgens, who's not even in the damn franchise (tho we hear her peeps are sure working on that one). Van's in Vancouver filming Sucker Punch, and she's using a shared filming locale to get in tight with the Eclipse crew, par-tick Ashley Greene and long-ago Thirteen costar Nikki Reed. Hell, Hudgie and BF Zac (also filming in V-town) even followed Robsten to the infamous Kings Of Leon concert, too!

What else is a gal to do? Bandslam bombed, and that half-nude pic leak barely got noticed in the wake of Eric Dane's naked, blubbery porn tape. The fastest way to getting noticed again? Hang obsessively with the Twi crowd, of course.

Did Vanessa pick up some tips from hanging with Nikki all those years or what?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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