For those of you who didn't get to see the 25-minute preview of Avatar at Comic-Con last month, well, here's the new teaser trailer. All two minutes of it.

Yeah, it may not be as much as the folks in San Diego got to see. But hey, after what feels like forever when it comes to director James Cameron's follow-up to Titanic, we'll take it…

While the sneak peek doesn't reveal much about the actual storyline, what is presented here definitely whets our sci-fi appetite. Many of the visuals conjure up thoughts of other flicks, like Jurassic Park, the director's own AliensApocalypto and, well, FernGully. But given Cameron's track record, we trust this will be anything but derivative.

It may not come out until December, but we've already got our 3-D glasses on.   


Avatar isn't the only flick we're excited to see. Check out what else is on the horizon in our Movies From the Future gallery!

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