Eric Dane

Fame Pictures, Inc

Eric Dane's naked romp with wife Rebecca Gayheart and third wheel Kari Ann Peniche may have been a "private, consensual moment" according to his attorney.

But according to the police, it could also have been a hotbed of illegal activity.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Thursday to E! News that its Detective Support and Vice division is taking a closer look at the DVD that mysteriously made its way into their this week, with an unnamed source saying the video may feature some malfeasance on the celebrities' part.

While the tape features the trio lolling around in bed and sharing a soak in the tub, no one actually has sex (which wasn't illegal last time we checked, anyway).

But Gayheart at one point says that she should lie down because she's "so high."

No details were given about what authorities might be looking for, but LAPD spokesman Det. Via Nueva tells E! that they are in the process of examining the "voluminous contents" of the DVD.

Well, yeah, they're nice, but we wouldn't call them voluminous...


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