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What's the word for someone who's totally effing with the public's adoring minds—and the rest of H'wood's—on what they're gonna do next?

Like Paula Abdul's iffy actions regarding the whole will-she-or-won't-she-return sitch. Paula wouldn't give a definitive answer on if she was coming back to American Idolexcept for posting vague threats on Twitter. And when we finally found out she had been ousted from the judges table, she was still semi-silent about her next move. Why, so she can finagle her way back onto the show? You'd better believe it!

Fox is playing the same damn game, only booking temporary guest judges and just shrugging its shoulders when anyone asks about a more-permanent fourth judge. Infuriating, ain't it?

Other examples might be Christopher Nolan being wishy-washy about when or if he's directing the next Batman flick. Or Chris Brown taking his sweetass time before he makes a move after beating the hell out of Rihanna—choosing to go waterskiing at Diddy's instead of apologizing.

We think the perf word is publicitease.

Can ya beat that?

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