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It's finally time to make it work! Project Runway is back.

We can't wait to see what Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have in store for us in season six. Just thinking about it gives us almost as much glee as some of the best challenges from the previous five seasons.

So much so, that we've compiled a special Video Top 9 of the most exciting tasks given the designers from previous seasons. Given the fierce fabulosity of the show, choosing wasn't the easiest job. That's why we're leaving No. 10 in your hands.

You won't find Kenley Collins weeping, Rami Kashou draping another Grecian dress or Uli Herzner selecting another crazy print here. These design situations are all sew totally "in!"

1. The Grocery Store, Season One: Yes, we know they attempted to relive this challenge in season five, but the first challenge of the first season is a true classic. When tasked with creating a garment using items found in supermarket aisles, Nora Caliguri brilliantly deconstructed plastic lawn chairs for a shiny sheath, Wendy Pepper not-so-brilliantly strung together Life-Savers for a barely-there bikini, Kara Saun survived major model meltdowns and Austin Scarlett stunned them all—and took home the first immunity win—with his corn husk creation.

2. Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, Season Four: When SJP herself walks into Parsons, an entire room full of designers plotz. What needle-and-threader hasn't dreamt of dressing Carrie Bradshaw? Too bad they have to create something pieces in teams of two with only $15 in materials. This led to the famous "spit mark" moment between Elisa Jimenez and Sweet P and a big win for Victorya Hong.

3. Flower Power, Season Two: If grocery store garments were tough, the season two cast had it tougher when they had to make a garden party dress from goods purchased in New York City's flower district. Most stuck to rich greens, piecing together various leaves in intricate ways. The results were remarkable—even the mossy dress that led to Andrae Gonzalo's demise was impressive—but Daniel Vosovic's was a true standout with his use of actual colored blooms.

4. Mamma Mia, Season Three: One of the most drama-filled episodes came when the contestants' mothers were invited to get runway ready. Most of them weren't exactly built like models, had strong opinions about color and creation and, oh yeah, weren't teamed with their offspring. Season three's eventual winner, Jeffrey Sebelia, was teamed with Angela Keslar's mother and to say they didn't hit it off would be a severe understatement.

5. Drag Queens, Season Five: The designers really had to work—that's "work" with a snap—to ace this runway in which they had to dress drag queens in outfits befitting of their over-the-top personas. Suede clashed with Hedda Lettuce and Ru Paul judged the undeniably unique runway show. Straight man Joe Faris stepped perfectly out of his comfort zone for the win.

6. Season One Finale: The first final round—featuring frontrunner Saun, resident baddie Pepper and dark horse Jay McCarroll, who won the whole shebang without ever winning a challenge—was kinetic and exciting, made even more so by guest judge Parker Posey. She paved the way for shining stars to sit front row center for finales, and has been followed by Debra Messing, Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez Tim Gunn.

7. Prom, Season Four: Creating something fierce and corsage-friendly should have been a cinch for Christian Siriano, who went on to win the season and become arguably P.R.'s biggest success story. But he butted heads with his teenaged client, blamed her for the gown's flaws and it nearly cost him the competition.

8. Makeovers, Season Two: The final five had to ditch their models and hook up with each other, creating entirely new looks for their fiercest competitors. The results were a huge mess. Santino Rice fashioned a frightful spacesuit for Kara Janx, but it was still good enough to keep him "in." Eventual season two winner Chloe Dao scored in this challenge, creating a sharp suit for Nick Verreos.

9. Spare Parts, Season Five: Winner Leanne Marshall proved she was a mild-mannered force to be reckoned with when put to the task of creating a garment using materials from a car. Her confection had structure and ingenuity that blew the lid off other unusual materials challenges.

10. You make the call! We loved seeing what the designers came up with when forced to design for socialite Nicky Hilton, the ladies of the WWE and a figure skating dress for Sasha Cohen, but we want to know what you think best deserves to be on this list. Sound off in the comments!

Project Runway premieres tonight at 10 ET/PT on Lifetime.

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