America's Got Talent, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff

Chris Haston/NBC

Piers Morgan is a Celebrity Apprentice, Sharon Osbourne is married to the Prince of Darkness and David Hasselhoff is loved by Germans. But this dynamic trio don't quite have their collective finger on the pulse of America just yet.

"I think America's made some strange decisions with a couple of these acts," America's Got Talent's resident Brit complained as the following five made it through to the semifinals, despite the judges' unequivocal advocacy for a few that got away:

• Pianist Jeffrey Ou (He beat out one of the judges' favorites, Amy Winehouse-Katy Perry hybrid Bri, leading to supposedly one of the few times in Sharon Osbourne's life in which she has been "lost for words.")
• Sonorous singer Lawrence Beaman (Judges called him "the new Barry White.")
• Married juggling duo Mario and Jenny Ferreira (The Hoff was psyched.)
• Contortionist breakdancer Hairo Torres
• Six-man dance crew Footworkingz

The judges, Morgan the scandal-monger especially, were ultimately rather perturbed when they had to choose between the hip-hopping dudes of Footworkingz and the six limber young ladies of Pixie Mystere in the judges'-choice round.

"America has been quite shocking to me," Morgan said, getting copious boos from the audience in return.

The lucky five join Paradizo Dance, Fab Five, Voices of Glory, Texas Tenors and Tony Hoard & Rockin' Rory (aw) among the remaining acts with a shot at the $1 million grand prize. The final batch of semifinalists will be selected next week.

Daughtry and Ashley Tisdale also performed tonight.

America's Got Its Semifinalists
America's got talent, obviously. But does it have taste?
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