Ben Affleck, Violet Affleck

Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures

A totally delicious-looking Ben Affleck (for a nice change) was spotted aboard a Virgin America flight on a Friday night from Boston to LAX, first class, natch. One of Ben's fellow fliers tells us the daddy of two was incredibly "drop-dead gorgeous," even while sporting stubble and wearing casual planewear. "Even the flight attendants were swooning!" she swears. Sorry we didn't see it with our own eyes!

Even more attractive than a chiseled bod on Benny boy? A friendly attitude. B.A. graciously got out of his comfy first-class seat to take a pic with two kids sitting behind him, so un-Shia LaBeouf of him. "Jen is a lucky girl," our mole in the sky tells us. Totally! We have no idea how she nabbed him other than with good luck. (Where was she, anyway, while Ben was flying the overly friendly skies? Back in L.A. attending sex classes?)

But really, can you imagine Garner being this nice to anyone daring to ask for her picture? Every single damn time we or many folks we know are anywhere near her, girl's got her claws out like we're about to start a cat fight right there on the carpet! It's not even just the ire of reporters that gets on her nerves—she's even bitchy to fans and nonpress alike. Hell, even Jen agrees she's far from the nicest gal in town. Is Ben really that much of a masochist to put with it? Or is Garner's angst really about her failing marriage, and she's taking it out on the rest of us?

Hey, if anyone out there's had a supersweet Garner experience, we'd love to hear it, 'cause it's as common as a friggin' unicorn sighting at Les Deux.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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