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Spider-Man 4's still a ways away from the big screen—they're aiming for 2011, but we'll believe it when we see the damn trailer—but we can still get our Spidey senses tingling with a totally sizzling Evan Rachel Wood playing Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man musical.

Thank god Ev ditched Marilyn Manson and the Dita Von Teese copycat look, 'cause she's more doable than ever, espesh in this Flaunt magazine spread. Who knew Peter Parker's love interest could be so smokin'? We've seriously been missing out on comic-book hotness with the über-awkward, gangly Kirsten Dunst filling the role in the flicks.

Maybe Ev can fill in for Kiki in Spidey 4? The tragically behaving, always bizarrely fashioned K could use a break. She needs some time off to go back to rehab and figure out her crap, since obviously the last go didn't take. Plus, Ev allegedly lost out to other film roles that went to Dunst—the preteen vamp Claudia in Interview with the Vampire and Claire in Elizabethtown. Time for Wood to come back out on top as H'wood's go-to skinny, strawberry-blonde chick.

We'd especially love it if ERW climbed onboard the Spidey flicks since the musical version might not happen after all...

After production halts, financial crises and totally bad buzz, New York theater insiders were loudly whispering to one another that Wood's team was desperately scrambling to get back some of the film offers she'd turned down to star in the production. Howev, this week Wood maintains that she's still 100 percent confirmed to belt it out on Broadway. That is, if the musical even gets off the ground.

Showtune sources are squawking that this Spider-Man musical, even if it makes it to opening day, could be the biggest bomb in B'way history. The whole production's got disaster written all over it:

  • Songs by superrock group but B'way newcomers U2
  • A title (Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark) that sounds like an Abba-infused murder mystery novella, not a Broadway show
  • A totally overblown budget, which is projected to be the most expensive B'way show in history
  • A completely unknown dude, Reeve Carvey, cast as Spider-man (sure, Tobey Maguire wasn't the big star he is now when he was cast, but at least he had a few respected films under his belt)
  • And worst of all, it's helmed by Wood's temperamental Across the Universe director Julie Taymor, who got into her own batch of trouble trying to make that overstuffed musical movie

Just add a dancing, singing Hitler and it's so the plot of The Producers, right?

Personally, we're crossing our fingers this singing Spidey mess makes it to opening day, if only so we can see for ourselves how laughable this show is. At least we know Evan'll look totally hot onstage as she regrets all those plum roles she passed up!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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