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Whether it was a true sex tape or simply nudie-vision, Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane's naked musings with wife Rebecca Gayheart and fallen beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche has inspired us. We can't help but compare this little scandal to the recorded romps of yore.

True, false or falling flat, we haven't forgotten some of the AVN Award-worthy performances or XXX-rated rumors at the expense of some of our favorite boldfaced names.

Here's our Top 9 tales of the (sex) tape, with No. 10 open for you to decide.

(Worry not! You won't find anything NSFW in here, nor in any of the stories linked throughout.)

1. Rob Lowe: Few fell lower than Lowe when a pair of his trio-trysts was leaked in 1988. The beloved Brat Packer hit hard times when he found out one of the ladies from his Democratic National Convention meetup was 16 years old. The other video was shot in Paris and became commercially available. He later entered rehab for alcohol and sex addiction.

2. Paris Hilton: Speaking of commercially available Paris films, the celebutante's roll in the hay with Rick Salomon, which leaked to the World Wide Web in 2003, served as the starlet's unadulterated coming-out party. If you'd never heard of the hotel heiress before that fateful Night, you certainly have since.

3. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: When the recording of the rocky couple's honeymoon happenings were stolen from their home and started making money on the Web and through video sales, the Baywatch babe and Mötley Crüe rocker began a years-long battle in court that ended in a $1.5 million reward. But this wasn't Pam's first time at the recorded rodeo—she also spent time in court over a sex tape with Poison's Bret Michaels.

4. R. Kelly: The R&B star hit a new Lowe when a vile vid landed him in hot water—his costar was a 14-year-old! He was indicted on 21 counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor, but by the time the case was heard, he was acquitted of the much lighter charge of soliciting a minor for child pornography.

5. Colin Farrell: The Alexander star showed off his greatness for about 15 minutes with former girlfriend and Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain. The clip leaked on a website called but was blocked shortly thereafter. If you're curious, we're sure there are still images floating around the 'net somewhere.

6. Dustin Diamond: Fans of Saved by the Bell screeched when they first heard about the Saturday morning icon going porno. Diamond famously claimed he didn't condone the video's release, but its backer,, mentioned being in talks with the actor's reps just before finalizing plans to acquire and release the tape.

7. Verne Troyer: Admit it, you were a little grossed out last year when you heard about this one too.

8. Kim Kardashian and Ray J: This hot little number ended in a multimillion-dollar settlement and a curvy (albeit occasionally pervy) interest in one sexy, E! starring socialite. Ray J, however, has been left to look for a new costar on VH1. (Worth noting: Oops! Kim's latest ex, Reggie Bush, is not that innocent when it comes to the sex tape. His former paramour, Carmen Ortega, claims to have filmed their friction.)

9. Kid Rock and Scott Stapp: The Creed and Cocky musicians may star in the same video, but they weren't exactly rockin' out together...unless you count hot, groupie hookups on their shared tour bus.

10. You tell us! There are so many to choose from. Should it be the courtesy-of-costars tales of Lauren Conrad showing her hills to Jason Wahler, or Gossip Girl Leighton Meester's supposed foot fetish? Would Britney Spears with Kevin Federline or photographer Adnan Ghalib cure your itch, or does a little old-skool Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey action sound more titillating? Would you rather watch Real Housewife Danielle Staub or TV wife Roseanne Barr? Let's also not forget Fred Durst's nookie, Kelsey Grammer's toast, Jimi Hendrix's supposed night with diamonds and Gene Simmons' kiss-and-tell. Or, at the end of this long list, does the latest Anatomy lesson actually make the grade?

Go ahead, make the call in the comments!

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