Brad Pitt


"Treat him with a lot of respect. And there's a wonderful saying in moviemaking that is, 'Treat actors like stars and stars like actors.' Brad is the ultimate actor's actor. Just know that. It was a pleasure to work for him."

Inglourious Basterds producer and Quentin Tarantino right-hand man Lawrence Bender when asked how in the hell you keep a movie star like Brad Pitt happy on the set. As many of you are aware, actors in this town are friggin' nut jobs if they get pissed off or annoyed during a scene, but apparently, Brad is very easy to please. So what's the secret to Brad's relaxed demeanor? It couldn't be because Brad loves the weed, since B.P. admitted he gave the green fun up for his kids. How herbally sweet, right? Eh, not exactly, 'cause according to Tarantino, the coolest thing Pitt did when they met was give him a "block of hash" and a Coke can to smoke it with. Maybe we understand Brad's chiller ways after all...

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