Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, Christian Bale

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Few more yummy morsels for you from the set of The Fighter. Like we told you yesterday, filming is underway on the outskirts of Boston, and Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg are all putting their game faces on for the much-hyped movie due out next year. Although, some are having more success than others.

Think you know which out of the three is the best-behaved out on the East Coast?

Depends on your definition of professional behavior. But all things considered, we're going to say Mark. Seems this dude is the life of the set, getting his work and play on. Besides his amigo Patrón, Marky Mark is also one of the only fella's on the set who opts for "real beer instead of O'Douls," when he's ready to unwind. Must say, a manly man is always refreshing in this Biz of ours. We know Wahlberg has his party pants on a lot, but that hasn't stopped his work ethic.

Mark-hon is "nothing but professional," we're told...unless it's during rehearsals, where we hear he is "constantly texting." If that's all these production peeps have to deal with then Mark is the most low-maintenance celeb, like, ever. We just hope he's sexting to that hottie wife of his.

So what's the deal with Bale and Adams?

"Amy has had some trouble," dishes our spy. "During some recent rehearsals she's had difficulty with her lines and blocking."

Uh-oh, are we getting another Julie & Julia on our hands? Most likely, no.

"When she's on, she's on," we hear of the Oscar nominee, which is good to know. We totally dig supersweet Amy.

As for Christian, he's still as mysterious as ever. Apparently C.B. is very intense in all of his scenes (not so shocking). We're sure he'll give an amazing performance just as he always does, but the super-Methody actor is starting to creep out some on the set.

Aside from Christian going totally MIA between takes, we hear that some crewmembers are nervous to approach him in general. And no, not because of Terminatorgate (which we've told you, we're so over), but because no one wants to "disturb him."

"It seems like a lot of people are afraid they are going to interrupt whatever relationship he has going on with his character. He's just always so focused."

Not that being serious at work is a bad thing, but man, Christian needs to lighten up a bit. We know how into his roles he gets, and we don't think getting into the head of a former drug-addict will be good for his already unbalance psyche. Anyone care to disagree?

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