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Dear Ted:
I was just thinking, who is more important/hotter/bigger in Hollywood? Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson?

Dear Heartthrob Battle:
R.Pattz by a landslide. Zac is so 2007. He ran out of High School Musicals to promote, while there's three more Twilight flicks yet to hit theaters.

Dear Ted:
I really think that One Naked-Googling Blind Vice is Kellan Lutz, especially since I saw "Kellan Me Softly" as a clue. I am right aren't I?

Dear Lutzing:
Babe, you're so off, you're Michelle Obama's new hairdo. Think far furrier, thicker and older.

Dear Ted:
I am a Robsten fan and have been from the very beginning; posted quite a bit back then. I cannot believe the hatred and slander displayed by posters both here and on other sites regarding Kristen Stewart. I am most shocked because these are fellow women attacking a 19-year-old girl whose only crime in their eyes was to fall in love and win the heart of Rob Pattinson. Kristen seems to be a decent person from a decent family, working hard to be the best actress and human being she can be. The fact that people are not rooting for this couple to make it in such a cynical town as Hollywood truly saddens me. Thanks for all you've done for this wonderful couple.

Dear Robsten Voodoo Doll:
Everyone wants every H'wood couple to fail or get married and pregged up, just so there'll be more dramatic stories to goss about. We wish the best for our dear Robsten—a totally normal, dramaless relaysh!

Dear Ted:
Don't forget our very own Vancouver Sun for great Twilight info!
Twi Crazy Canuck

Dear Friend up North:
Thanks! Wanna send us a copy, ay?

Dear Ted:
Did you see today's segment of 60 Minutes about Michael Vick? Is this not absolute BS?! How much of this is Vick's lawyers telling him what to do? I still don't buy this whole "prison changed me/now I love animals" thing. Being an animal lover myself (my puppy, Jackson says hi, by the way), I believe that justice needs to be served when he took away so many innocent lives. Please tell me what you think about this video and the entire Vick situation.

Dear Disgusting:
Vick's prob the only d-bag out there who could out disgust us more than Chris Brown. And both are explicitly told what to say by their teams—tho we have no idea why anyone would want to associate with either.

Dear Ted:
Can't help but laugh my cute tush off at all the Twi haters who complain about all the Twilight talk in A.T.! All they are doing is calling more attention to it. They should all do what I did—instead of getting annoyed by all the talk, I went out and read the books and watched the movie because of you! Ted, you are my brand of drug.

Dear Habit Forming:
Not all are so easily converted, clearly, but thanks.

Dear Ted:
Is all this sudden Robsten outing by Rob and Kristen the result of the firing of Rachelle Lefevre? Are they really letting Summit know how they feel by putting it all out there in the open? Actions speak louder than words!

Dear Robsten for Rachelle?:
Interesting theory, but methinks Robsten's just getting deliciously sloppy rather than taking a stand with Ms. Lefevre. It takes a whole lotta effort to keep something so hot so hidden.

Dear Ted:
I hated to hear that Reese Witherspoon is a be-yotch! She's not doing anything too terrible is she?
—Kristen, Nashvegas

Dear Wither Witch:
Anything along the lines of Slurpa Pop-Off trapping her pups in the closet? Heavens no! But what's "terrible" to you might be old hat in H'wood.

Dear Ted:
Why are so many people obsessed with Toothy Tile? I don't get it. But here is my guess. I don't think Toothy is any one person. I think he represents that stereotypical, smile-so-white-you-need-shades, good looking, tries-too-hard man in Hollywood . I mean, you've eliminated most everyone at this point.
—Baby Bear

Dear Tile File:
Interesting theory, but an incorrect one, just the same. It probably just seems this way because Toothy has so very man pretenders to the pansy throne, i.e., guys who like guys but are afraid to talk about it. And you're wrong about the eliminations—but literally homo hundreds of possibilities!

Dear Ted:
In regard to this comment: "There's a whole world of untapped British bods that we're just dying to uncover here in the States!" I vote for some gossip on the two leads on Merlin, Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Personally, I adore Colin (with his real-life Northern Irish accent and his willingness to go full frontal for a theater role) but suspect Bradley might be more your cup of tea. The Brits definitely have a different standard for "fit" than we do for our stars in America though, unfortunately.

Dear U.K. Lovelies:
Thanks for the man-admiring suggestions; I'll keep my eye on them. Tell Col to bring his full-frontal act to L.A.! 

Dear Ted:
Now that Jennifer Aniston has referred to herself as "the lonely girl," do you take that to mean she's just saying such a thing to stall all the tabloids who constantly comment on her love life and get them to back off for a while? Or is she saying that to spark interest from some new guy out there with a sympathetic side for "lonely girls"? I also want to ask if you and Jon are still parents to your divine kitty Miss Cleo? If so, my shelter kitty sends her purrs and regards to yours!

Dear LonelyGirl40:
Jen knows that nothing she does is gonna have the tabs back off her. I think she's just starting to agree with them! Took long enough to finally climb out of that bucket of denial. And yes, Cleo, 18, is still hangin' in!

Dear Ted: you are correct. There is a Robsten. I do noticed though, that since the hook up, Kristen is dressing more like Rob, not pretty, but like a slob. I was expecting Rob to go for a more ladylike GF than one that emulates him. What's up with that?

Dear Blame Joan Jett:
What makes you think you know Rob's type? Obviously he's got more priorities in a GF than balancing a damn book on her head and curtsying.

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering if the Jonas Brothers are as good as they seem? My gut is telling me that they aren't, especially with Joe Jonas.

Dear JoBro Ho:
Good at what exactly? We think they have all types of hidden talents!

Dear Ted:
I love Robsten, but I'm getting tired of Rob not manning up lately. I mean if you love your girl so much, wouldn't you want to shout it to the world? Just don't pull Tom Cruise couch jumping, because that was so wrong. If you're not going to show K.Stew the love she deserves, then she needs to move on. That Australian cutie Xavier looks like he would be more than willing to take Rob's place. I think X and K have a lot in common, including their Australian roots. And I actually think he and K look better together than R and K. So do you think a Xavsten could be in the horizon for these youngsters?
—Xavsten shipper

Dear Back Off:
Xavier is new to the Twi crew and should definitely know better than to step in on R.Pattz' gal, or he'll be gone faster than Rachelle.

Dear Ted:
Are the Olsen twins really as boring at they seem? What shenanigans are they up to behind the scenes?

Dear Sister, Sister:
We think Ashley's a ton more boring than her drama-lovin' sister. Mary-Kate had that eating disorder and dates around a lot more than Ash. Plus, there's still a lot unanswered about her involvement with Heath Ledger's death.

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