Royal Pains, Jill Flint, Mark Feuerstein

David Giesbrecht/USA Network

Gossip Girl fans know Jill Flint as Bex, Rufus' art dealer love interest. But in the last few weeks, Flint has taken on a much different role.

Flint costars as hospital administrator Jill Casey in the freshly-minted hit Royal Pains, USA Network's Thursday night dramedy about a private doctor (Dr. Hank Lawson played by the always adorable Mark Feuerstein) in New York's uber-rich Hamptons area.

We caught up with Flint the other day to talk medicine, onscreen chemistry and, of course, Gossip Girl.

You and Mark seem to have real chemistry going on. Did you feel it right away?
I actually screen-tested for [Royal Pains] twice. They were looking for the chemistry between Mark and I. We got along instantly, which was great. I felt really good about it and I think so did he.

There's a lot of medical talk in the show. Do you know anything about science or medicine?
I didn't go to school for medicine, but my brother is an EMT, my mother was an EMT and I have a cousin who is a paramedic. But I am obsessed with looking things up on the Internet. I know that sounds strange, but I'm obsessed with medical shows and understanding how the body ticks.

How does Mark do with all the lingo?
Mark and Reshma Shetty (who plays physician's assistant Divya Katdare) are amazing with their ability to just rattle off medical lingo, especially when they are given new medical terms about ten minutes before they shoot. It's fascinating to watch the two of them.

Will we ever see Bex back on Gossip Girl?
I'm not really sure what they are going to do with her now that Rufus and Lily are together. They left it with my character kind of ruffling feathers and causing problems between the two of them in the last episode that I was in. But I'm not sure if they are going to bring her back in to stir things up.


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