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There are friends, and then there are dear friends. It's the latter, apparently, who are willing to film themselves naked with you in a hot tub while musing over potential porn names in a, shall we say, less than clear-headed state of mind.

Former Playboy model and D-list reality star Kari Ann Peniche—who, actually, was never all that close to being the filling in an Eric Dane-Rebecca Gayheart sandwich—has spoken out about the trio's leaked sex nude tape.

And don't let her gas station giggling fool you. She is not happy about her sudden rise to fame.

"Kari Anne is extremely upset over this situation," her attorney, David Weintraub, tells E! News. "She considers Eric and Rebecca dear friends and this is an unfortunate incident where consenting adults who were having a little fun are now victims of having personal property stolen and private matters made public."

As for which fellow scandalous star's sticky fingers may have gotten hold of the R-rated footage...let's just say the only thing better than a naked tape involving three celebrities is a naked tape involving four celebrities.

Mindy McCready, come on down.

Peniche was the first to point fingers at the disaster-plagued country star last night, telling TMZ (no doubt playing catch-up after getting scooped on the video's existence by Gawker) that she and McCready were roomies on the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab and that McCready stole Peniche's hard drive after a heated argument over money matters.

Peniche claims she lodged a stolen-property report with the Los Angeles Police Department over the missing piece of hardware, but the LAPD tells E! News there is no record of such a filing.

Last month, the foursome met up and sealed a deal which gave full rights of the footage to Dane. End of story, right? Until yesterday, that is.

But if Peniche is still holding a grudge against McCready for the twanger's alleged evildoing, she sure has a funny way of showing it.

Last night when the ex-beauty queen (and erstwhile Aaron Carter squeeze) just happened to be caught by paparazzi, she laughed off the scandal, saying she was "having fun with friends."

Asked whether she would be pursuing any legal action against McCready, she shook her head no.

Guess her temper's not as McSteamy as it once was.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz


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