Brittany Cartwright Addresses Rumor Her and Jax Taylor's Breakup Is a Publicity Stunt

Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright slammed speculation that her recent separation from husband Jax Taylor was a stunt to promote their new Bravo series The Valley.

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Watch: Brittany Cartwright Denies That Her and Jax Taylor's Breakup Is a Publicity Stunt

Brittany Cartwright is pumping the breaks on a big rumor about her recent breakup from husband Jax Taylor.

In fact, the Vanderpump Rules alum recently shot down speculation that the couple's separation—which she announced in February after four years of marriage—was a publicity stunt to promote her and Jax's new Bravo series The Valley.

"It was so hurtful for me because I've felt like I've always shown my true character," Brittany—who shares 2-year-old son Cruz with Jax—told host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Apr. 2. "I felt like, 'Why would anybody think that I would do that?' Especially with my son, you know? I would never put him through that for no reason, for a fake stunt. That doesn't make any sense."

The 35-year-old also elaborated on what caused her and Jax's final fight that made her reach her breaking point and decide to move out of their Los Angeles home.

"He woke up one morning and was mad that I went out with Kristen [Doute] the night before," Brittany shared, "and made up a story in his own head and started a fight over something that never happened."

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But, unfortunately, the hostility in their household was nothing new.

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As the Kentucky native explained, "It got to the point where we fought about everything. A cabinet would be open and I was mad that he didn't shut a cabinet. It was just a very toxic situation that I felt like I needed to remove myself from."

However, Brittany once again insisted that there was no cheating on Jax's part, despite their costars previously hinting at infidelity rumors.

But while Brittany doesn't know if a reconciliation is in their future, the estranged couple's main concern remains Cruz.

"Jax is a great father, I'll give him that," she added. "That's our main priority, no matter what."

See Jax and Brittany's marriage troubles play out when The Valley airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading for a full timeline of their split.

Jax Taylor's First Cheating Scandal

Years before they even got married, Jax Taylor cheated on Brittany Cartwright in 2017 when he hooked up with former SUR waitress Faith Stowers

"This isn't my first time being caught cheating," Jax admitted at the time as the drama played out on Vanderpump Rules. "In the past, I've gone through months and months of deny, deny, deny, and that didn't work for me." 

But while a devasted Brittany broke up with him, they got back together months later and eventually wed in 2020.

Brittany Cartwright Announces Separation

Fast forward to February 2024, Brittany announced she and Jax—who share 2-year-old son Cruz—had separated after four years of marriage

"Yes, marriages in general are very hard and I've had a particularly rough year this past year," the Kentucky native shared on their When Reality Hits podcast. "Jax and I are taking time apart and I made the decision to move into another home to take some space for the sake of my mental health."

"I'm taking one day at a time," Brittany added. "I don't know what the future holds, but right now my focus is on being the best mom to Cruz."

Signs Their Marriage Was Imploding

One month later, the cracks in the couple's relationship became much more apparent when Bravo released the trailer for its new series The Valley.

"I don't feel like he's attracted to me, we don't have sex ever," Brittany admitted in the March 11 preview before Jax added, "It's so hard to be married sometimes."

Plus, costar Janet Caperna teased in the clip, "There's a rumor about Jax cheating online."

Jax Taylor Addresses Cheating Rumors

However, Jax slammed allegations of infidelity days after the trailer release.

"We're just having a little communication issues right now. That's all, there's nothing else," he exclusively told E! News March 14 at The Valley premiere party. "There's no cheating. There's no infidelity anywhere. It's just communication. I know it's shocking, but people sometimes just don't get along and that's life."

"We see each other every single day," he added. "The only thing that's different is we just don't sleep under the same roof. That's it."

Brittany Cartwright Weighs in on Infidelity Claims

Despite rumors, Brittany confirmed Jax cheating did not cause their breakup and shared the true timeline of their separation.

"We got into a very bad fight and I decided to pack up my stuff," the 35-year-old exclusively told E! News March 18, "and I've been staying in an Airbnb since January 24."

"I'm doing it for my mental space," she added, "and I feel very strong with my decision to get out for a while."

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Are Putting Son Cruz First

Despite their personal drama, the estranged couple agreed on one thing: They are doing what's best for 2-year-old son.

"He's no. 1 and we both agree on that," Jax told E!. "It's about knowing he's got two loving parents that love him to death and he's gonna have the best life possible, whether we are together or not."

As for their increased fighting, Brittany agreed, "I just don't want that for our son. I don't want him growing up thinking it's normal to live like that."

Brittany Cartwright Shares Hope for Possible Reconciliation

Brittany admitted in March that "there's always hope," but she just needs Jax to put in the work.

"I don't think anybody will ever love Jax the way I've loved Jax," Brittany told E!. "Over all these years, I've been through so much with him and I'm stuck by his side through everything. So I think that if he makes certain changes that I've asked, maybe we could get back together. But right now, I just really need to figure out myself. I felt really strong and really proud of myself for being able to step out and do what's right for me. My mental health is super important."

Lisa Vanderpump Weighs In

One person who wasn't so shocked by Jax and Brittany's separation? Their former SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump.

"Everybody predicted that when they got married," the Real Housewives alum shared with E!. "They said, 'Oh this won't last long,' but I kind of never liked to draw conclusions."

"I don't know what the reason was," she added, "but I imagine it was probably something to do with Jax's bad behavior. I'm not sure, but the indicator of future behavior is normally past behavior."

Scheana Shay Is Team Brittany Cartwright

"I think it’s for the best," their longtime friend Scheana Shay told E! News March 23 of the split. "I think she deserves better and she deserves a partner who’s going to treat her with respect."

Kristen Doute Supports Brittany Cartwright's Decision

And the couple's The Valley costar Kristen Doute agreed with Scheana.

"I'm proud of Brittany for setting boundaries for making the choice for her," Kristen admitted. "But I'm very hopeful that they can work this out. But that's on Jax, that's not on her."

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