Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling


The original Robsten, that would be Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, are currently both single...again.

As reported last week by US Weekly, Rachel split with rebound love Josh Lucas who recently was spotted "trying to f--k his way through heartache," as loveably blunt Lainey eloquently puts it. Apparently JL was hitting on anything with boobs while he was out clubbing recently, making it all too obvious that he was no longer in any kind of serious relationship (at least one that's based on fidelity).

So obviously the first thing on everyone's mind is whether or not we will see a R&R reconciliation. It's finally time to cue tabloid reports and breakout your box of tissues and The Notebook DVDs, right?

You might not want to get too ahead of yourself McGosling lovah's. One of our reliable AT readers recently spotted Ryan out in Silverlake (the hipster area on the outskirts of Hollywood) and told us that Ry hardly looked like a guy trying to secure himself a long-term girlfriend. Try more like one-night love affair.

"He definitely was having a fun time out with his guy friends, checking out lots of girls and flirting with a few cute ones," our trendy-eyes tell us. "He was drinking and having a good time—definitely didn't look like a guy wanting a serious relationship."

Uh, if we looked like Ry-Guy we would be doing the exact same thing. Boy is too hot to be keeping that bod all to himself!

But what about Rachel? This on-and-off couple will definitely be just that for a while. From what we've heard they each hold a soft-spot for each other, and have remained friends even during their off faze. We def think there will be something rekindled in the future, just not sure yet how it'll end up.

Let's hope Rachel's stud future is hotter than that hideous Time Traveler's Wife piece of poop movie she just came out with. Wasn't even worth getting to see costar Eric Bana's fine butt in. And poor Rachel didn't even have any scenes where she got to get a handful of it, tragedy!

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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