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We all know how hard it is to get your foot in the door in this town—unless you're using your super famous fam member's foot. Then you're free to walk right in and have a career based off your well-admired last name! Happens all the time in H'wood, and it's happening right now to one babe who is doing everything she can do unfairly help out her lesser known kin.

Can ya guess who it is?

Guess the Gossip: Tues. Aug. 18, 2009
Which celebrity is totally guilty of nepotism on the boob tube?

Answer: AnnaLynne McCord!

Stella Spelling starring in her own show is just way too friggin' ridiculous, even for a camera-happy stage mom like Tori, and we're not really sure we'd tune in to see Trace Cyrus' tats—unless his li'l sis stopped by on her 18th birthday to get a pair of Mickey Ears inked on her ankle.

It's the 90210 hottie who is desperately trying to get her two equally fierce sisters Angel and Rachel into the Hollywood game by scoring them a sweet role on the CW show—in fact, she's pretty much insisting her sisters get cast on the show.

AnnaLynne's superclose sister Rachel told us herself that she's meeting with 90210's casting about an upcoming role—at the bequest of AnnaLynne herself. ALM has no problem schlepping her siblings to every damn event in town and keeping them around her on-set, making it plain and clear that if you want one McCord, you get all three. Rach and Angel have even started hitting hotspots and red carpets without AnnaLynne as their more famous date.

Using your sister's fame and a famous last name is all you need to get noticed in this town—thanks Ashlee Simpson, Haylie Duff and Ali Lohan for starting a trend—but the McCord family plan is the most transparent example of nepotism in Hollywood in years.

If you simply have to use your sister's notoriety to score some fame points, at least use it well and have some talent, 'kay? At least we know the McCord sisters are talented at looking pretty.

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