Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had quite the busy weekend up in Vancouver—with some very private time together. But if you believe half of the latest blog reports out there then Robsten made some big life changes, too. Engaged? Shacking up? Really?

Let's recap, shall we, what we can legitimately take away from this very busy Robsten weekend...

1. Kings Of Leon Concert

Rob, Kristen, Kellan, and most of the gang went to see the fab band play, and you can tell from the picture above the pair hung close most of the night. They even found time to share a smooch. We know the quality is fuzzy, but it's there promise. The whole cast has been aware of the Rob-Kristen heat for quite some time, but they're all friends—no one is going to out off-screen couple. So is that because Rob has them all sign confidentiality forms?

2. Rob's Secretly Engaged

The post is taken down, but we saw already that Rob is apparently faux-gaged to some girl and she's being forced into hiding. We don't want to overwork our fingers having to justify why this so isn't true. As for the confidentiality forms, we don't have any proof to show R.Pattz and his team take his privacy that seriously. Hell, Brangelina apparently doesn't even go that far, and Rob is no diva. Friendship is more important than ink, and the whole case wouldn't do anything to piss each other off. At least, not until Breaking Dawn is wrapped.

3. Robsten Moving In Together 

As much as we'd love for this to happen, Deep Twi and the rest of our insiders have no reason to believe this is going down—at least not permanently, mind you. Kristen and Rob are both going to be filming side project after side project, not to mention that Breaking Dawn will be filmed shortly after Eclipse. So during their L.A. downtime just expect Rob to be shacking at K.Stew's like he usually does. Or maybe he will finally get a real place of his own.

4. Kristen Hooking Up With Taylor Lautner

Kristen and Taylor have a brother-sister relationship. The two are close and are both the young ones of the cast, but we have it on good authority there's zilch going on between them that's more than friends status. Like we've said before, Summit just wants you all to get used to the idea of Taylor and Kristen since you'll be seeing them on-screen together.

More soon, promise!

Oh, and BTW, Summit may tell Rob-Kristen not to be together, but in reality, this is exactly what they're hoping for. Obvs, they are getting tons more press with Robsten "speculation," but since R&K aren't the type of people to let the public in on what's officially going on, Summit doesn't have to worry about an official break-up confirmation, either. If something doesn't work out between them—as they're terrified will be the case. So, it's the best of both worlds for Summit, in the end, and they—per usual—still get to call the all the damn shots.


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