Paula Abdul, Mary Murphy

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Everyone's favorite shrieking judge is calling out little ol' Paula Abdul.

"She might be sitting next to me this season, you never know," So You Think You Can Dance's Mary Murphy told E! News at the opening of the new L.A. resort, Terranea, last night. "I'm not sure America's ready for that."

While we definitely agree with that sentiment (Paula's mindless blabber mixed with the pitch of Mary's squeal—can you imagine?!), the SYTYCD judge took it a step further on the Paula front:

"There could be a catfight between me and Paula—or a dance fight!"

Uh-oh, is trouble already a-brewin' between the former American Idol judge and her potential Dance partner?

Maybe, so...or maybe Mary's just working it for the press. Honestly, we don't know and we don't care—we just like it.

So, who would take the crown in this so called "dance fight"? "I know one thing for sure, I could definitely beat her at the tango, quick step, and cha cha." Does Mary give Paula any credit at all? "She'd probably get me in hip hop, I'd have to say."

If Paula does come on board SYTYCD, Mary has a plan to keep the peace: "We'd actually have to put Nigel [Lythgoe] in the middle, and I'm not sure he's ready for that."

Did the voice behind SYTYCD have any final fightin' words for Abdul? Only when asked who the better judge is. Says Mary, with that ever-present smile on her face: "I would be. I have to be honest, a girl knows what she's talking about." Ooh, burn!

Are you game for Paula joining So You Think You Can Dance? We all know Nigel is on board. Sound off below...

—Reporting by Ryan Basford


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