Taylor Swift Shares Relatable Message About Her Humidity Hair During Eras Tour

Taylor Swift joked to fans that her "hair has returned to its factory settings" after she discussed the humidity during her March 3 concert in Kallang, Singapore.

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When it comes to frizzy hair, Taylor Swift is shaking it off.

The "Karma" singer didn't skip a beat when she noticed her natural curls starting to defy gravity during her March 3 Eras Tour show in Kallang, Singapore. 

"As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings," she told concertgoers, while swiping her bangs to the side, per a fan account video posted on X, "thanks to the humidity here."

The Grammy winner clarified she wasn't making a fuss over her tresses, but rather, in awe of her fans.

"I'm not complaining, I like it," she continued. "I do want to commend you. It's very humid and you guys turned it up 100 percent all night. You've been dancing, you've been standing and taking pictures all night, and you look so cute."

She then joked, "Why am I sweating so much? Then I'm looking at you—you all look perfect."

Celebrities Attending Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

Of course, Taylor isn't afraid of a little sweat and humidity. After all, the training she did for her three-hour show would make anyone ready for it.

"I knew this tour was harder than anything I'd ever done before by a long shot," the 34-year-old told TIME in December. "Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud. Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs."

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But doing an intense workout wasn't even the most challenging aspect of her routine.

"Learning choreography is not my strong suit," Taylor admitted, noting she enlisted the help of choreographer Mandy Moore after pal Emma Stone recommended the dance pro. "I had three months of dance training, because I wanted to get it in my bones. I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought."

It's clear, Taylor's training hit all the right notes.

"I know I'm going on that stage whether I'm sick, injured, heartbroken, uncomfortable, or stressed," she added. "That's part of my identity as a human being now. If someone buys a ticket to my show, I'm going to play it unless we have some sort of force majeure."

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