David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson

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Dear Ted:
I used to like Jen Garner, but I've been bothered with how much she exposed Violet to photographs. And I'm pretty surprised that she's not acting the same with the new one. What gives? Another point: Is there any truth to the Duchovny-Anderson romance? Back in the day, they probably weren't followed everywhere like Rob and Kristen, so there's probably no evidence of any relaysh. What do you say about it? A last point: Thank you for all your posts about animal shelters. I'm a fervent defender of the animal cause. I own a cat; I used to have a dog. It's a responsibility. People aren't always aware of that.
Confused Europa 

Dear Garnightmare:
We're dying to get Gillovny back into the pages of the A.T., you interested? I know they are. 

Dear Ted:
In a recent interview, Brad Pitt reports that he and Angie "very, very rarely fight." I'm not sure I buy that because their relationship seems so hot and cold to me when they're out in public. What do you think about his comment? Is it true? Is he in denial, or just covering up the truth for the media?

Dear Peach Pitt:
Good eye. And totally not true, or else they wouldn't have such good sex. There's far much more to Brangelina than what gets snapped or is reported in the rags. 

Dear Ted:
Does Kristen Stewart smoke?

Dear Bad, Bad Bella:
Does it matter? 

Dear Ted:
I don't get why people are getting so upset over Robsten's place in your column. How I see it, if you don't like it, then either go to another (less-reliable and hilarious) site or just follow (insertnameofyourfavoritecelebtritycouplehere) until Robsten is confirmed, either by way of public face suckage or a sex tape. I, on the other hand, don't need the previously mentioned because I've listened from the beginning. Also, thanks to you and your story, I started to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Thanks from all the kitties and puppies!

Dear Volunteering Virgin:
Bravo on your volunteer work, dollface. As for Robsten, you're saying what we're all thinking. 

Dear Ted:
What's up with this whole Nick and Miley on-again, off-again relationship? Are they together or not? Did Miley really kiss Nick on the cheek at the TCA like some people who were there are saying?

Dear Niley, Mick, Jorus and Cynas:
Just check Princess Cyrus's Twitter. She talks more about her personal life than any of us care to hear. 

Dear Ted:
In the middle of this Twilight mania, how does Toothy Tile cope with being dumped and replaced by a hotter man like Rob? Does he just deal with it with more photo ops with the beard to stay relevant?

Dear Prince Tile:
Oh, I'm sure Toothy has a secret copy of Twilight stashed in his pad. And that's to gawk at R.Pattz, not K.Stew. 

Dear Ted:
I love your website. I check it daily, but I still don't know all of the rules I guess you'd say for the Blind Vices. I know you use fake names, but do you also ever have to change facts or anything like that? And do the "and it ain'ts" relate to the real people?

Dear Blindness:
Nope, the fake monikers are enough to get these bad boys (and girls) past the snitty blowhards in legal. Facts remain the same—that's the whole point! The AIA's may lead you on the right track...or purposely steer you away? Who knows? 

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering what moment made you a Robsten fan, and please don't say when you saw Twilight. Sure they have chemistry, but I much prefer them offscreen. I became one when I saw them at the Twilight premiere in Hollywood.

Dear a Moment Like This:
Probably this post, which is when we created an entire category for the pair in the first place. Once we knew there was some hidden, forbidden crap going on is when we started to pay attention. Plus, he's just hot. Do I need to say more? 

Dear Ted:
Why don't Robsten just rebel against Suckmitt? It is not like they can get fired.

Dear Duh:
What that hell do you think they're doing? 

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Duchovny and Leoni? It all looks like a big PR op: the Cali wrap party, Duchovny wearing his wedding ring and the photo op at Cirque du Soleil. I don't get it. What do they bring to each other, work-wise, that they have to remain married? Don't get me wrong, if they love each other, fine, but I don't buy it anymore. Puzzles me. Enlighten me on relationships maintained by PR or studios or both.

Dear P.ublic R.omance:
The answer to that is longer than a couple of sentences here. Why do gay guys have beards? In this Industry people are more successful if they have a clean, wholesome, domestic image. Old news. 

Dear Ted:
Over the last couple of weeks Kellan Lutz is looking well...distant and like he doesn't know what to do with things going on around him. He doesn't answer questions, he lets other Twilighters answer them and he is always with someone when in the spotlight now. What is going on? This is not the same person who loved walking the red carpet a couple of months ago.

Dear Kellan Me Softly:
Maybe he was just depressed that AnnaLynne wouldn't take him back? Give him a couple of weeks and he'll be shacking up with a new semi-famous face. 

Dear Ted:
Britney is looking really bad as of late. Something amiss in her eyes, hair whacked out, totally circa 2007. Is there any hope for this girl?

Dear B.Y.O.Britney:
She could change that all around if she wanted to. Plus, it's not like we haven't been saying the same thing for 3,462 years.

Dear Ted:
What's up with this Life & Style issue that says Rob confirms that he and Kristen are dating? I know that L&S is not the most reliable, but could what they are saying be true?

Dear Bull & Style:
Did you read it? There's sparse meat on the bone in terms of confirmation, to be sure. There have been way more telling confirmations than that. But don't worry, we're investigating that plane convo. 

Dear Ted:
I absolutely love the fact that you portray K.Stew in a good light. She seems like a really cool gal, and I'm glad not everyone is giving her a hard time, except for a certain someone, but that bit of college humor was nearly as bad as the Hudgens joke! My apologies. Anyway, I saw the YouTube vid of Dane Cook's Vanessa Hudgens joke that was edited out of the Teen Choice Award broadcast and noticed a light brunette who was hanging on her in hysterics during the joke, giving off the appearance of being an über-tight friend of hers. The girl in question looked a whole lot like Nikki Reed. Is it really her? Is Nikki seriously friends with Vanessa?

Dear Good Eye:
Oh that was Nikki all right! Now that Kristen is preoccupied with a certain vampire, Nik needs to find herself a new famous bestie. We think this is a fab pairing actually.

Dear Ted:
You never see photos of Jamie Foxx with a date, and now he has a "secret" child. You said Toothy Tile had a baby no one knew about. Could T.T. be J.F.?

Dear Connecting the Dots:
Fab sleuthing hon, but wrong dude. Think hotter. 

Dear Ted:
Love your take on all the gossip, and love hearing it on the A.T. first! But what I love most is, of course, the Blinds. We need them more often—might I suggest you roll out some classic Blinds that we have probably already heard about, but haven't heard your genius spin on it? Even if the people involved are no longer relevant or there is no need to make it Blind anymore, would still love the dish and the fun of guessing! Keep up the great work! Love from Ireland to you, the hubby and kids (furballs!).

Dear Mind Games:
Wouldn't that just be unnecessary torture?

Dear Ted:
I am a Twi Mom who is late to this whole craziness and has become addicted—cannot get enough of Robsten! So, of course, I am now a daily reader of yours and must say you are equally addictive. Love your attitude and sassiness! Aside from you, can you suggest where a Twi addict can go to keep up with the latest juicy news and pics from Vancouver over the next few months? Is there anyone as reliable as you out there for my daily dose of Twi news?

Dear Wrong Person to Ask:
You can come here obviously for any solid Robsten news. Or else I suggest you try some of the legit Twilight news-type twitters. Try this one and this one.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge Robsten fan, and I honestly can't believe what Summit has been doing to the entire cast (not only to Rob and Kristen). I've never seen a studio act like this. They are almost as much in the news as the actors themselves. Back in the good ol' days, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene were together (or something). Now, can you give us the scoop on what's up with eye-candy Jackson? Is he dating anyone?

Dear Jack Attack:
I think he still has his eye on Ms. Greene, but my magic eight ball says Bryce Dallas Howard could shake that up. And Ash might not be happy about it.

Dear Ted:
I wanted you to pat yourself on the butt for me. I thought I was the only one with a pissed list. Your Awful Truth "humor" makes me smile. I really don't care about the stars, but your personality is so refreshing—tell your family how lucky they are to have such a wonderful, funny man in there lives.

Dear Fight On:
Paws and peeps all say thanks. 

Dear Ted:
I can't believe you would leave off Mad Men as the best show on TV right now (granted, it's about to come back on with a new season). It's one of the most brilliantly written shows that refuses to dumb down its dialogue and plot lines to the lowest common denominator, unlike so many network TV shows!

Dear Hamm It Up:
We love Mad Men! Are you kidding? Why do you think we ran all that stuff about the dee-lish Jon Hamm?  

Dear Ted:
Love reading you every morning, stealthily, before heading to court and arguing with other nasty lawyers and judges. Wondering whether Ellen and Rosie are friends? Seems like they should be, but my instincts tell me they are very different.

Dear Battle of the Lesbies:
As much as anybody can be friends with Rosie. Easy she's not. 

Dear Ted:
Is Gerard Butler a good guess for Nevis?

Dear Close:

Dear Ted:
When I saw the headline in your latest Bitch-Back! I got so excited! When did Jake G. start to suck? I thought finally we get some real answers! Such a tease, Ted.

Dear Double Entendre:
What exactly are you getting at?

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