RHOM’s Julia Lemigova Shares Farm-to-Glam Tips & Hosting Hacks

The Real Housewives of Miami’s Julia Lemigova also reveals wife Martina Navratilova's mealtime must-have.

By Ashley Jimenez Feb 22, 2024 4:02 PMTags
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The Real Housewives of Miami's Julia Lemigova has all the hosting secrets, must-haves, and helpful decor tips you need to create the most spectacular farm-to-glam dinner party imaginable. 

Lemigova is known for her simple yet fashion-forward style, which easily transitions from life on the farm to the best restaurants in Miami. Reality fans know that her home and decor are both inviting and elegant, and Lemigova says she creates that type of atmosphere by "doing everything with passion." 

"I love really long, long dinners because, to me, it's about conversation," she explains. Her dinner parties invite guests to step into her "urban zoo world," where the themes are farm-to-table food, animals, and plants. And as RHOM fans know, there's frequently a lot to talk about, what with the former model's affinity for pet goats, pigs, and chickens that lay tons of fresh eggs. 

To cultivate a conversation-worthy environment, she advises incorporating raw, organic decor with Indonesian and beach aesthetics. The reality star says it will help create "a chic farm ambiance, with earthy colors and elegant details." 

For a touch of greenery, Lemigova suggests using small vases filled with citrus fruits or banana leaves as unique table accents. Lemigova even likes to include personal touches, such as writing her guests' names on leaves to mark their seating assignments. 

The Russian-born celeb says setting up expectations for dinner guests allows them to come in with an open mind and relieves her from thinking she has to cook like a five-star chef for the party. 

"I give my guests full disclosure of what they're going to eat and the ambiance so they know what they are stepping into," the Housewife adds. "If it's authentic and if you put your full heart into cooking it, people will feel it. Cooking is like love-making. If you're in a good mood, you're going to make a great dish," she says.

The former Miss USSR 1990, says that if E! readers add anything to their dining spread, it should be, "farm-fresh produce and organic herbs, paired with quality olive oil for a rustic yet refined dining experience." 

She told E! that her wife, Martina Navratilova, is actually a big fan of olive oil. Lemigova, who has been married to the former tennis pro for 10 years, says that her wife loves having olive oil on the table at mealtimes. 

"She loves olive oil, so I always have it on the table," Lemigova explains. "And she would put bread with olive oil, and I would put some herbs, and that's how she would eat it. I would put it in cute little dishes from our tableware." 

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