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Call it good rumor-mongering or bad journalism, but one thing that always ticks us off here at the A.T. is when some of our accurate reporting gets totally repeated—and distorted! Such is the case with an article from In Touch Weekly that stole, and totally misreported, a quote we got from Brad and Angelina at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in Hollywood last week.

Here's the deal...

When asked if she would star in another movie with Brad, Angie told replied to us—shockingly, quite lovingly—that she "would love to, but we have a lot of kids to raise!" She said it sweetly and as happily as you could imagine. But those baddies at In Touch instead claimed that she "shot down the idea" and tried to steal Brad's thunder the entire time on the red carpet. Then, quotes an onlooker, an angry Brad dragged her by the hand into the theater!

Um, hello?

Where was that onlooker, exactly? Across the damn street? If you can believe it, Angie didn't do practically any press, and on top of that, she went into the theater waaay before Brad did. We're not the biggest fans of Brangelina, obvs, so when we report that they're actually happy together, you can trust that it's actually the truth.

And it's not just them. Misquoting and distorting are so rampant lately.

It's starting to get a little embarrassing to be a journalist in this town! Jennie Garth's misquote scandal, which we also tried to get right, showed us that even a source as reputable as the Daily friggin' News was so desperate to catch up to the real Robsten story we had right two billion years ago, they threw journalistic integrity out the window (like we do English grammar on a daily basis). And now with the Brangelina piece, we actually feel bad for poor Angie.

That's a first.

You may hate the speculation, despise the rumor, or take major offense to a genuinely awful truth, but one thing we pride ourselves on here at the A.T. is that above all else, we get our s--t right, kids!

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