AnnaLynne McCord, Miley Cyrus

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Not only does Billy Ray Cyrus creepily let his daughter strut her stuff on a frosty stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards (emphasis on Teen), he's practically a proud papa while watching it happen! Fortunately, we found out not all fathers of famous females are totally into checking out their daughter's sexuality in the public eye:

"I know [our parents] both watch 90210. They're proud, they love it," said ferocious boob-tube star (and recently single) AnnaLynne McCord's sister Angel at the Zara Terez West Coast Launch at Skybar. "But Daddy's not allowed to watch Nip/Tuck."

Could it be because of totally hot scenes like this one?

We of course don't want the McCord patriarch from stopping AnnaLynne from getting sexy in front of the cameras, but it's nice to know he doesn't exactly wanna see it himself. And A.M.'s a perfectly legal 22 years old, while Miley certainly comes off as vastly more experienced at 16.

Thankfully for Ms. McCord, she got out of that relaysh with Kellan Lutz before anything too scandalous could happen between them, along the lines of sex tapes or other naughty behavior you don't want your parents witnessing. ('Course, still could happen, please stand by.)

Gotta wonder how the Vanessa Hudgens folks are handling it?

"[Our parents] learned how to Google, so now they Google to see everything," added Angel, crossing her fingers that nothing too outrageous has happened yet to her sis outside of what she does on camera for her TV gigs.

Ugh, this reverse-Oedipal thing happening in H'wood grosses us out almost as much as Ryan O'Neal's disgusting daddy behavior, exemplified best in this dead-on (and super hilarious) The Soup sketch.

Seriously, guys, take a tip from daddy McCord and keep out of your daughter's sexuality—or be a friggin' parent and stop her from gyrating onstage at an awards show for underage fans, wouldja?

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