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If it feels as if this season of Entourage is just flying by, and that may be because, well, it is!

Season six of HBO's bromancing brood is already halfway to the finish line, but look on the bright side, that means the latter half is still to come, and it promises more Drama-filled drama than before.

What's coming up for the boys about town? Check out our Entourage-themed Spoiler Chat for all the goods.

Camille in Paris: Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg were great on the show this week. Are there more guest stars to come?

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Absolutely! How can anyone forget that Zac Efron is still on the way, as well as superstar Matt Damon, who Kevin Dillon says, "Comes and just kills it. He's so funny. Plus, LeBron James—it might be our best season for guests." Aaron Sorkin is scheduled to guest star, too, so it looks like Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) may finally make the deal we've been hearing about all season.

Jane in Prescott, Ariz.: Are either of the Chase brothers going to get some real love this season?
Don't hold your breath! Kevin tells us that, "Drama's love is the art. He's all about doing good movies. It's not as much fun if there's girls involved for Drama. He's gotta be obsessed with anything that's related to his fame." Boo! As for Vince, Adrian Grenier simply smiles and says, "Vince is going to have a lot of love this season. That's his primary function this year." Unfortunately, we've already seen the kind of "love" he's referring to, and it seems to be of the one-night-stand variety.

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Katrina in Michigan: Ugh! Eric and Sloan are killing me. Will he ever get rid of Ashley and be with the right lady?
You mean you're not loving E's Miley Cyrus look-alike love? Ditto. While we don't have a ton on what's coming up with Sloan and E (Kevin Connolly), Emmanuelle Chriqui says this: "There's resolution [and] unexpected surprises." But don't forget, Kate Mara is still on the way as Eric's new employee and possible love, so who knows when this resolution finally occurs.

Miller in Fontana, Calif.: What about Perry Reeves? Are we going to see more of her in the last half of the season?
As of this week's episode, we know that Mrs. Ari is none to pleased with her hubby for covering up Andrew's affair. Besides the brand new Maserati (which she tells us she'll more than likely keep), what are Perry's plans for the matriarch? "Ari and I are not done yet. We're still hanging in there. I could have an affair with my tennis coach, anything could happen. Right?" Before you freak out, we're pretty sure she was just joshin' because this is how the rest of our convo went: "I could realize that I've always been in love with Teri Hatcher and leave him. Wouldn't that be a funny storyline? Mrs. Ari gets hired on Desperate Housewives and realizes that it's true love? It would be different." There you have it. A Desperate Housewives-Entourage crossover event.

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Mark in Houston: What about that Turtle-Jamie-Lynn Sigler breakup scene we saw so much about a few months ago?
From Miss Jamie-Lynn herself, we're gathering that the ridiculously adorable duo is going to be just fine. Was it really a split? "Maybe it was," she says. "Everyone gets sad when they go on trip. It could be as simple as that." Yay! As for her role on Entourage, JLS says that it's just that: "You see me on different sets, but this isn't necessarily an accurate representation of who I am. I'm playing a character."

Jerry in Gainsville, Fla.: Loving Autumn Reeser as Lizzie Grant. Will we see much more of her?
When we caught up with Autumn, she was mum on the rest of her arc, saying only this: "She's hyperambitious and causes a lot of problems for Ari and the agency." Since we've already seen some of the Ari stuff, what more could go wrong?

Mel in Cortland, N.Y.: Any juicy scoop on Ari Gold?
As a matter of fact, we've saved the best for last. Things may not be so golden at MGA after all. Sorkin might be on his way, and Vinny Chase is on top of the world, but based on Jeremy Piven's tease of what's to come, we're thinking that little Lizzie Grant and Andrew Klein ef things up in a big way for the superagent: "All the seeds that I've planted unravel," Jeremy says. "The whole thing is going to be blowing up in my face, and yet the wife stands by me, and I have to borrow a great deal of money from her, so it's going to get really, really ugly before it gets beautiful." A lawsuit perhaps? Sexual harassment? Hush money or a big payoff? Who knows! The Piv does make it clear that we needn't worry too much, saying, "It will be beautiful."

So there you have it, tuberinos. The second half of this season sounds like it will knock your socks off.

Will you keep tuning in? You know what to do...


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