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Entertainment Weekly's fall movie preview features New Moon on its cover. Ahhh! Oh, but wait, no Robert Pattinson. Just Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner hanging out, getting close. In fact, the only time everyone's favorite sparkle vampire pops up is to talk about Taylor.

"It was a stress-free job for three months," says the Pattz. "All the pressure was on Taylor."

So yes, this is a Team Jacob article. Kristen, who is actually looking more pretty than grumpy for this shoot, does her part and talks up her chemistry with Taylor.

"Just because of how I felt around him. I literally saw Jacob in him. We have that relationship. It's lamely cute. I love that kid. I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally."

As for her chemistry with Rob, she just says she's not pregnant...

"It's so absurd. I walk out of my trailer with my pants undone—and they think I'm pregnant? I mean, really?! They think I’m pregnant? Come on! Like, dude I don't get it."

OK, just to be clear, that answer was actually in response to all the tabloid nonsense she has to deal with; the Robsten situation was never addressed, obviously.

Now let's get serious, because this is a serious movie. K.Stew had to explain the differences between New Moon and Twilight because Taylor was too busy showing off his flips...

"We needed to make something commercial but stay true to the book," she says of the first film. "We didn't have enough money. It was all very impulsive, and that's what I love about that f--king movie. But I think New Moon is gonna be even better."

She's also head of the Twilight Saga Police. "We definitely feel protective of the series. The directors are interchangeable, so while it's exciting to have new opinions, at the same time it's like, 'Look, this has way more to do with what we already created.' "

And that's it. So is everyone even more excited?! Plus tomorrow is New Moon trailer day! Or there's this trailer in French that's going around if you want to cheat:


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