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Regis Philbin has magic powers that help him see the future.

When Kate Gosselin appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly, the talk show guru predicted she would get back together with her estranged husband, Jon Gosselin.

We could express our doubts on this matter (and we're sure Jon's GF, Hailey Glassman, will do so when she sits down for her first-ever TV interview with E! News on Monday night), but we'll let Kate (that would be Kate 1.0) speak for herself.

The whole thing starts when Regis asks about how the family works now that she and Jon are separated.

"I hold out hope that there will be times that it will be Jon & Kate and the kids," she says. "My main goal is to do, if nothing else, holidays together and different things together."

This clearly sends shockwaves through Regis' cosmic signals.

"I just have a feeling, like, I think the separation is going to come to an end and I think he's going to come back and he 's going to say, 'Please marry me again,' and I think you're going to live happily every after," Regis says. "Now, what do you think of that?"

The original octomom is taken aback by the question, but laughs along with the audience.

"Wow. He's an optimist," she replies, looking at Kelly Ripa for reassurance.

"He's totally going off on his own right now, just so you know," the cohost says.

Regis is unrelenting, adding, "I just feel like that is what's going to happen here."

"We definitely have different goals at this point. A lot has changed. A lot of unexpected things have come up. It's not ideal and I can't say that I think you're right at all," she answers, clearly hoping this would be the end of the line of questioning.

It isn't.

"If he came back tomorrow, Kate, and said, 'Look, let's put the past behind us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and the kids,' what would you say?"

"I don't think I can answer that," Kate squirms. "A lot of our lives are public, but a lot is private as well. Anything that you see, it has been very very much filtered. I mean, I use my kids as a yardstick. What you see is what I want them to be able to see. It's not necessarily all."

Regis continues to ask if Kate thinks "this would all go away" if the cameras were off, and she again doubts that to be the case.

Later in the interview, she (sort of) addresses plastic surgery rumors and admits that she and Jon do "work pretty well together" when it comes to balancing their schedules and times with the kids. However, unlike the Today show, she does not mention Jon's lady loves.

That's OK though. You can get your fill on Monday night at 7 and 11:30 p.m., when Hailey has her first official interview exclusively on E! News.


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