Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore Deserve an Award for This Iconic Housewives Reenactment

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore left jaws on the floor when recreating one of Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia's fights from RHOSLC while on Watch What Happens Live.

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The moment was cold as ice, but this recreation is fire. 

When Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman stepped into the Watch What Happens Live studio, host Andy Cohen did not miss an opportunity to take advantage of the talent sitting in front of him. In fact, he had the two Academy Award winners take on perhaps their most challenging roles yet—those of Monica Garcia and Lisa Barlow from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Specifically, the pair's whispered blow out at costar Whitney Rose's sound bath event. 

And among the highlights from the WWHL moment is Julianne, as Monica, telling Natalie, "Lisa! You're like a little tramp stamp, you beg for attention everywhere you go."

To which Natalie, as Lisa, retorted, "If this is what mediocre looks like, I am so happy being mediocre."

After the scene ended to huge applause from the studio audience, Andy reflected, "I have to say, the text was better than I thought on that."

And the Still Alice actress agreed, "It was pretty strong," while the Black Swan star nodded her assent. 

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And the actresses' real-life counterparts also ate the moment up.

"OMFFFGGGGG. SHUT UUPPPP," Monica commented under the WWHL Instagram post of the moment, while Lisa added, alongside laughing crying emojis and a heart, "Queens."

Of course, Monica and Lisa's fight has not been the only one to make waves in this fourth installment of the Salt Lake City-based Bravo series. In fact, it isn't even the only one to find its way into the Clubhouse. 

In October, Andy had none other than the great Reba McEntire recreate Meredith Marks' infamous Palm Springs dinner meltdown, during which Meredith referenced "the ruuumors and the nastiness"—a phrase that has since become a much-loved and referenced line. 

And viewers are likely to see many another fight before this season comes to a close, especially with the show's housewives headed to Bermuda during the Dec. 5 episode.  

In the meantime, keep reading to meet the rest of this season's RHOSLC cast.

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Lisa Barlow

After an icy season, Lisa Barlow is making amends with Meredith, one of her oldest friends, but they still have a long way to go. Lisa is forced to evaluate her new-wave Mormon lifestyle when her oldest son, Jack, is ready to leave the nest to find his place in the Mormon church and starts exploring the traditional elements of the religion. While Lisa enjoys the finer things in life, her luxuries and expensive taste rub some of the women the wrong way, leading to a confrontation with newest housewife Monica.

Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia is introduced to the group through her friend Angie, but the women quickly realize they recognize her through another familiar face. An excommunicated ex-Mormon, Monica is raising her four children on her own and running her baby products business. To add to her plate, she's also dealing with divorcing her husband for the second time and navigating a volatile relationship with her mother. Blunt, opinionated and never afraid to speak her mind, Monica has no problem saying what she's thinking, even if it lands her in hot water with the other women.

Heather Gay

Thriving after the success of her book, Heather Gay earned a spot on the New York Times bestseller's list and bought a new house for her family. After publicly denouncing the Mormon church, her daughters are struggling with the fallout in the Salt Lake City community. Heather and Lisa finally find some common ground and "Bad Weather" makes strides to rebuild their trust in one another, but their relationship is far from fully repaired.

Angie Katsanevas

From friend to housewife, Angie Katsanevas owns and operates multiple hair salons around Salt Lake City with her husband, Shawn. When rumors begin to swirl about their marriage, Angie looks to find the culprit before the hearsay can do any damage to their family. Lisa loyally stands by her side as Angie navigates the group's tumultuous and ever-changing dynamics.

Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks continues to expand her successful jewelry line and donate her time toward charitable causes close to her heart. At home, the kids are thriving and her marriage with Seth is stronger than ever as the pair start a podcast to share advice and anecdotes. Tensions with the women explode when Meredith is accused of dropping bombshells without getting her hands dirty ... yet again.

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose focuses her energy on launching a new luxury jewelry line that highlights spirituality and healing. As Justin heads back to work and Whitney dives into the launch of her new brand, the couple struggles to find a balance between life as CEOs and caretakers for their children. Whitney and Heather work on forgiveness and trust, but her relationship with Meredith strays beyond repair after an accusation that rubs Meredith the wrong way.

Mary Cosby

After a year away from the women, Mary Cosby is back with her unique, unfiltered opinions. Her friendship with Meredith is as strong as ever, but she struggles to find her footing with the other ladies as she navigates old wounds and potential new friendships within the group.

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