Spoiler Alert: Violet (Amy Brenneman) is alive! Let's all take a moment to jump for joy now that we know she survived that makeshift surgery by the unstable patient stealing her baby.

Now onto the juicy stuff! Amy is dishing what really happened with the slicing and dicing of Violet's belly, who comes to her rescue and who the real baby daddy is, so be warned. It can't be all serious though; Amy has a good laugh telling the cast of Grey's Anatomy to "calm the hell down."

So can Pete (Tim Daly) and Violet survive this life-changing moment? Watch the video above to get the scoop from Amy, and then read on below for Tim's opinion on the matter.

Private Practice, Tim Daly, Amy Brennemen, Chris Lowell


Amy seems to think Pete and Violet can withstand anything, but can Pete really love a damaged Violet? Tim Daly tells us, "Violet is so f--ked up. She's got something because a lot of people cut her a lot of slack. A lot of people love her despite all her difficulties, so I would say of course Pete could love her."

What's happened with Violet does spill over to the Oceanside Wellness Center. Tim teases, "There's a lot going on. Violet is going through this trauma that she has to deal with, and that's going to affect everyone around her. Naomi has quit. It's all a big mess."

What we're really wondering about, though, is which guy is the baby daddy? Tim doesn't help us out much there: "The baby might survive and either Pete or Sheldon might be the father. I found out who the father of the baby was yesterday. However it plays out, some poor schmuck—might be me—is going to have to act with a baby a lot."

Did he just let slip that the baby survived the ordeal? Hit the comments to discuss!


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