Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt has already given us sage advice on how to properly communicate at the urinal as well as sharing details about where he and Angelina Jolie like to bump uglies.

So what could possibly be left to reveal when it comes to the Inglourious Basterds star?

Well, according to People, plenty…

For instance, did you know that if you went into the Jolie-Pitt garage, you would find a Snow White sticker on a Disney Princess bicycle?

What's more, the father of six tells the mag that sometimes, "Mommy and Daddy need to hire a babysitter, go away and get dirty."

Brad adds that he would much rather have George Clooney watch his children over Matt Damon, because "He doesn't stand a chance with my kids."

Unless, of course, Clooney breaks out the art supplies. "Our favorite activity to do with the kids is anything creative," says Brad. "As of late, we've been investigating the world of painting. Meaning we spread out a giant canvas and put out some buckets of paint and go all Jackson Pollock on it."

Oh, and when it comes to sleeping at night, the whole brood often ends up together. "This is why I had to make a 9-ft.-wide bed," jokes papa Pitt.

Yeah, not exactly the most compelling info, but it's kinda a slow news day and it is Brad Pitt.

Besides, isn't this better than some Jon Gosselin update? That's what we thought.


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