RHOBH Producer Confronts Kyle Richards About Rumors She's Faking Marriage Troubles for TV

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards fiercely defended herself against speculation she and husband Mauricio Umansky are fabricating their separation for ratings.

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Watch: Kyle Richards SLAMS Rumors She’s Faking Marriage Troubles

Kyle Richards is setting the record straight once and for all.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is addressing rumors she's fabricating her ongoing marriage troubles with husband of 27 years Mauricio Umansky for ratings and relevance in a candid conversation with the Bravo series' Executive Producer Alex Baskin.

"What human being would create a story like this?" the Halloween Ends actress pondered on the inaugural episode of Baskin's new podcast Bravo's Hot Mic released Nov. 14. "No offense, Alex. I love you and everybody with the show. Who would do that for ratings? Put their family through this. That is one of the dumbest things I've maybe ever heard in these 13 years. I'm going to pretend that I'm separated and torture my children? So that people tune in?"

Kyle—who share daughters Farrah, 34, Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23 and Portia, 15, with the real estate mogul—went on to slam speculation that their relationship issues are anything but authentic.

Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky's Family Photos

"When people talk about, 'Oh, they do these things to be relevant,' I'm already on the show 13 years," the 54-year-old continued. "I care about being relevant to my friends and family. Yes, I'm on television, but I'm good. I'm not looking to be more relevant. I would never put my family through this ever."

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Calling the accusations "so annoying and so frustrating," the reality star also confronted other rumors that have gotten under her skin as of late.

"I also hear a lot of things online that, 'Oh, Kyle and Mauricio, they have an open marriage. That Kyle's only with him for the money,'" she told Baskin. "He had no money when I married him, you idiots! He didn't have any money. 'She just stays there and puts up with all this so that she can just keep spending his money.' First of all, it's our money that he didn't have before."

Kyle's candid admissions come amid her and Mauricio's marriage troubles playing out on the current season of RHOBH.

Since announcing they separated back in July, the longtime couple have since revealed their future together remains a questions mark as they figure out what they both want in the end.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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The new podcast Bravo's Hot Mic is available now through a paid subscription ($3.99 per month) on your preferred podcast service with new episodes released bi-weekly. 

Keep reading to relive the timeline of Kyle and Mauricio's split.

July 3

It was the bombshell that rocked the Bravo world when it was reported that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umanksy had split after 27 years of marriage.

But fans didn't have to wait until the RHOBH premiere to get a status update on the couple, who are parents to daughters Farrah, 34, Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23 and Portia, 15.

"Any claims regarding us divorcing are untrue," the pair said in a joint statement shared to Instagram on July 4. "However, yes, we have had a rough year, the most challenging one of our marriage. But we both love and respect each other tremendously. There has been no wrongdoing on anyone's part."

The pair then asked "to be able to work through our issues privately" despite their reality TV history.

"While it may be entertaining to speculate," they wrote, "please do not create false stories to fit a further salacious narrative."

July 8

But soon after Kyle and Mauricio issued their joint statement, fans, did, indeed begin to speculate about Kyle's friendship with Morgan Wade, noting the country singer's prominence in the Halloween Ends star's Instagram posts since their April 2022 meeting.

Kyle addressed the rumors head-on when asked by photographers about her connection to Morgan.

“We are very good friends,” she told told paparazzi in West Hollywood, Calif.

And, when asked if her relationship with the 28-year-old was “just a rumor,” she responded bluntly with a “yes.”

As for their matching tattoos, Kyle noted she also has coordinating body art with bestie Teddi Mellencamp

July 11

Amid ongoing rumors about their relationship, Kyle posted a slew of pictures from a family vacation to Aspen, including a group shot of herself, Mauricio and their four daughters. And she was ready to clap back at one suspicious commenter

After one user wrote, "We love 'damage control' Kyle," the 54-year-old responded, "If y'all like to read into every little crumb, read into this [middle finger emoji]."

August 10

Days after setting the record straight about their friendship, Morgan dropped the music video for her single "Fall in Love With Me," which starred Kyle as her love interest and featured the two women striking up a steamy romance.

In an joint Instagram video, the pair shared the backstory for their sexy collaboration.

"I've done several music videos and every time there's someone in it they always assume we're dating or something's going on," Morgan explained. "If you go on the Internet, you'll see people are obsessed with us being friends.

"In response, Kyle joked back, "Excuse me, they want to know why I'm friends with you."

While Morgan noted, "We thought it would kind of be a good idea to kind of poke fun at that and troll the trolls a little bit," Kyle admitted, "Well, if they're gonna talk, you might as well give them something to talk about." 

One person who liked the video was Mauricio, whp commented three fire emojis on Morgan and Kyle's joint post about the project, adding, "So good."

August 21

The couple and their children went on a family trip to Italy, both sharing snaps from their getaway.

Mauricio posted a August 20 snap of the entire family at night aboard a boat, which he captioned, "Summer Vacay 2023 on point," while Kyle uploaded a sweet snap with her daughters. The Halloween Kills star captioned the post, "That's amore," alongside red hearts and the Italian flag emoji, 

August 31

Despite their seemingly hunky-dory Italian getaway, Kyle shared that she had been "dealing with a lot of stuff lately" while answering fan queries during an Amazon Live session.

"That's a very loaded question," Kyle responded after a fan asked about her and Mauricio's relationship. "You know, this has been very hard to do [because it's] playing out with so many people having eyes on us and being in the public eye, but obviously we care about each other a lot."

September 25

Kyle was quick to clarify chatter surrounding the "fun girls' trip" she went on to Paris with Morgan and one of her childhood friends during another Amazon Live discussion.

“I mean, there’s just so many things out there online," Kyle said. "I’m like, 'Why do people just make things up, invent things about the trip?'"

Kyle explained that the pair went abroad to capture footage for an upcoming documentary about Morgan, which the Bravolebrity is producing.

"They see that there’s a camera there, and they completely ignore that there’s a camera there, act like we were just like – I don’t even know what,” she continued.

Kyle then emphasized that “there were cameras there,” squashing rumors  that they were on a romantic getaway. 

"Can you guys get your act together?” she stressed. “But yes, it was a great shoot.” 

September 26

When Mauricio made his debut on Dancing With the Stars, Kyle was in the ballroom to support him and his partner Emma Slater as they performed a jive.

And Kyle took her support a quick-step further, detailing how to vote for Mauricio on her Instagram Story.

After the DWTS premiere, Mauricio offered a status update on their marriage.

"We were dealing with our own things, kind of, super quietly and internally, just our own issues," he explained on the Sept. 28 episode of The Agency's Red Mic podcast. "I mean, certainly, we're not separated. We're not divorced at this point. We are not any of that stuff. We're still dealing with our marriage."

The 53-year-old noted he's grateful they went nearly three decades without ever encountering marriage troubles.

"It's been an amazing 26 years and it's been a difficult one year," he said. "Kyle and I are blessed, where we actually had 26 years that we did not have a bad year, and I know most marriages have bad months, bad weeks, bad years."

Mauricio then addressed rumors that he and Kyle staged their separation to garner publicity. 

"I am not going to destroy my life to put a plant in the news so people can get more entertainment," he stated, insisting that he's "not that smart or that conniving."

October 3

In the season 13 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's confirmed that Morgan got a "K" tattoo, which Kyle inked ontoher body. In one scene, Kyle introduced Morgan to a tattoo artist, with Morgan joking that they met because, “She stalked me.”

And, like the public, Kyle's co-stars had questions about her friendship with the singer.

"You put the first letter of your name on her body?" Dorit Kemsley asked her longtime friend in reference to the tattoo. "What is going on, Kyle?"

But it was a tense conversation between Kyle and Mauricio that really had the Internet buzzing as the couple seemed to joke about the infidelity rumors surrounding them, with the real estate mogul telling his wife, "I'm just glad it's you out there having an affair." Kyle then quipped back, "For once it's me."

October 25

Just days after dedicating a DWTS performance to his wife, who he called his "rock," Mauricio was photographed holding hands with his partner Emma, sparking rumors of a romance off the dance floor.

Kyle admitted she was "taken aback" by the photos on Watch What Happens Live. "That was very hard to see," she told Andy Cohen. "It hurt my feelings."

While she couldn't confirm if there really is a budding romance between the pair, she did share her perspective on the pairing.

"I don't know if anything has happened yet," she noted, "But obviously there's something there and listen, I love him very much—and we are amicable—but that really did hurt me."

So much so, that she admitted she deleted a recent Instagram post in support of their run on DWTS.

However, she added, "I also voted for them."

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