Will Ferrell, Bear Grylls, Man Vs. Wild

Discovery Channel

Will Ferrell's guest stint on Man vs. Wild was such a big hit, the producers of the Discovery Channel show are planning on inviting more celebs to go trouncing through the great outdoors with host Bear Grylls. (The ep certainly came off like a bigger success than the flop Land of the Lost Ferrell was on the show to promote.)

Ben Stiller's on the lineup so far, and they're hoping to land Demi Moore.

Though we'd love to see Moore show off those G.I. Jane muscles she still has while mountain climbing on Ashton's ass, or something equally adventurous, we think there are tons more celebs who could certainly benefit from a few days living at the mercy of the elements.

Who should sign up for the wild show next?

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Which celeb should guest star on Man vs. Wild?
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