Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper

Jean Baptist Lacroix/Getty Images, Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Last we heard, Bradley Cooper was "hooking up" with Jen Aniston, but the Hangover hottie has apparently now moved onto another A-list babe, Renée Zellweger. The Case 39 costars were seen catching a flight together for Spain, following a few dinner dates where sources say they made googly eyes at one another.

Doing some intercontinental promotion for their shared upcoming flick? Yeah, right.

We're still sorta sorry Jen and Brad 2.0 didn't work out, but we knew it wouldn't. As you can see, Cooper has no prob bouncing from one sought-after female to the next, which sounds a whole lot like the original Brad.

Is he just really lucky to land some big named ladies? Or... he deviously crafty?

We seriously think his publicist has more to do with these A-list couplings than his heart. He knows he's unavailable—in more ways than one, trust us—but he's trying to convince these women otherwise.

BC's right on the cusp of being the next big huge thing, on a roll after winning over male audiences with The Hangover, and nabbing all the girls' attention with the upcoming romantic comedies he's got lined up. (Matthew McConaughey's too busy on daddy duty, all his rom-com roles are heading straight to his lookalike Brad.)

Being spotted with a superfamous, A-list gal is the best thing BC can do to get publicity at this pivotal time, and allegedly dating one (even if he's really not) is only gonna help.

So who's gonna be the next buzz-worthy broad scratched into BC's bedpost once he's through with RenéeKristen Stewart? Megan Fox? Any single supermodels still left out there?

We just don't know why girls like Jen or Renée fall for it. Is it the same reason Reese did? Their mutual track record with men is awful enough, you think they would have learned how to spot a noncommittal dude from a mile away. Are the pickings that slim in H-wood, any pretty face will do, even if it's there for ulterior motives?

Or better yet, is it the chicks who are doing the real using here?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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