AP Photo/Alex Brandon

C-Murder. Guilty as named charged.

The 38-year-old New Orleans hip-hopster has been convicted of second-degree murder in the retrial of a 2002 shooting death of a teenage boy outside a Louisiana nightclub.

C-Murder, aka Corey Miller, was actually found guilty twice today—but it wasn't exactly a case of double jeopardy...

Jurors reached a guilty verdict in the morning, but in an unusual move, Judge Hans Liljeberg invalidated their decision and ordered the panel back behind closed doors after hearing one juror may have switched her vote to guilty to be released from duty early.

They returned after lunch with a 10-2 vote to convict. That decision stuck.

Miller, the younger brother of rapper Master P, was initially found guilty of slaying Steve Thomas in 2003, but that decision was tossed on appeal and the retrial was ordered after it was discovered that prosecutors withheld evidence showing its three eyewitnesses all had criminal pasts.


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