Taylor Swift Has a Mastermind Meeting With Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Swift met up with her Deadpool 3 squad, including director Shawn Levy and stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, on the eve of 1989 (Taylor's Version).

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 26, 2023 10:14 PMTags
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Taylor Swift is pooling all her friends together.

The pop star was spotted out in New York on Oct. 26 heading to what appeared to be a meeting with the stars of Deadpool 3, including friend Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy.

Blake Lively—who has been married to Ryan since 2012—was also spotted heading to the hangout, as was Hugh Jackman, who is expected to reprise his role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

For her chic fall outing on the eve of 1989 (Taylor's Version)'s release, Taylor rocked a Stella McCartney rugby polo shirt, Prada knee high boots and a Ralph Lauren ball cap that gave off equestrian vibes.

The hangout fueled rumors Taylor will appear in the upcoming film, with Shawn recently playing coy on whether she could play the superheroine Dazzler on screen. 

"Sounds like a great idea," he said on the Oct. 26 episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "I feel like, 'Oh wow, I went to a football game a couple weeks ago, and I had a really good time with friends, and I am thrilled to be talking about other things.'"

Inside Taylor Swift's 2023 Squad

Indeed, their recent New York rendezvous wasn't the first time the Marvel squad hung out together. Taylor, Ryan, Shawn, Hugh and Blake all met up on Oct. 1 to watch Travis Kelce—who has struck up a romance with the singer—play in the Kansas City Chiefs versus New York Jets football game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Soon after their NFL party made headlines, Shawn shared how he was shaking off the attention. 

Gotham/GC Images

"It's almost depressing by the way," the Stranger Things producer told Variety Oct. 6. "I can make 50 more hit movies and shows and I'll still be known as the guy in the orange suede jacket going to the Chiefs-Jets game with Taylor and others."

But for Ryan, the all-American outing was "a lot of fun."

"The NFL right now is reaching a kind of fever pitch that is usually only reserved for the Super Bowl," the Free Guy star told Extra Oct. 9, "but here we are at the fourth or fifth game of the year and it's already happening."

See Taylor Swift get out of the woods and hit the streets of New York ahead of 1989 (Taylor's Version) in these photos:

Welcome to New York

Taylor Swift stepped out in the Big Apple on Oct. 26 for a meeting with friends and the filmmakers behind Deadpool 3.

The Village Is Aglow

Her outing came on the eve of 1989 (Taylor's Version), which drops Oct. 27.

Horse Girl Style

The popstar rocked a Stella McCartney rugby polo shirt, Prada knee high boots and a Ralph Lauren ballcap. Needless to say, her boots were made for walkin'! 

"Too Excited Because It's fall"

She embraced a fall aesthetic while channeling her longtime love of the season. As she put it in 2021, "Basic autumn lovers RISE."

Mastermind Meeting

She met up with Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy.

The Greatest Film of All Time?

The pair headed inside for their hangout.

Never Going Out of Style

The singer and director were seen on the streets of New York.

Dynamic Duo

Shawn was also photograhed with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.


Gossip Girl's Blake Lively was spotted in the same area as husband Ryan and friend Taylor.

The Greatest Showman Arrives

Deadpool 3 actor Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, also headed into the meeting.

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