The Crown Season 6 Trailer Explores the Harrowing Final Chapters of Princess Diana’s Life

The trailer for the sixth and final season of The Crown was just released, depicting the buildup to the tragic 1997 death of Princess Diana.

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The Crown's final season is fast approaching, and its subject matter promises to be the show's most difficult yet. 

In a newly released trailer for part one of the show's sixth and final season, Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) takes center stage, as the show chronicles her relationship with Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) leading up to their tragic 1997 car crash in Paris. 

"I don't really understand how I ended up here," Diana can be heard saying while she sits playing at a piano at the trailer's open. "Dashing around…and losing sight of myself in the process. You know I think that's been the story of whole life." 

What follows is a video montage of the press and paparazzi following Diana, as a voiceover says, "I'm afraid, Your Majesty, interest in the princess' private life is unlikely to die down any time soon." And as a haunting rendition of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" begins to play, Diana can be seen opening a box with a note that reads, "Paris next week?"

The duration of the trailer depicts an increasing level of public adoration and obsession with Diana, juxtaposed with powerful clips of the Princess by herself. There are also brief moments showing Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton), as well as Prince William (Rufus Kampa) and Prince Harry (Fflyn Edwards) in their adolescence, as the music builds to a crescendo. 

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And in a chilling premonition of what's to come, Prince Charles (Dominic West) ends the trailer with the words, "This is gonna be the biggest thing that any of us has ever seen."

Part one of the Netflix show's finale releases on Nov. 16, with part two following on Dec. 14. The second half of the season takes the viewer through 2005 and will see Diana's sons work through the aftermath of her death, as the Queen considers the future of the British monarchy. 

For an additional sneak peek at what is to come, keep reading for first look images of The Crown season six. 

Kate Middleton's Introduction

Season six part two recreates the first moment Kate Middleton caught Prince William's eye, while modeling a sheer dress during a 2002 fashion event in college.

Sparks Fly

The Dec. 14 episodes depict Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy) falling in love with Prince William (Ed McVey).

Brotherly Bond

William and Prince Harry (Luther Ford) share a laugh in a sneak peek.

Royal Family

Charles (Dominic West) poses with his sons during a skiing trip.

Wedding Bells

The show also recreates King Charles III's wedding to Queen Camilla on April 9, 2005.

Royal Duties

William appears to be stepping into his role as he comes of age.

Long Live the Queen

Netflix released a look at Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton) waving to her people in the last episodes.

The Princes in Scotland

Part one of The Crown's final season features Rufus Kampa (as Prince William) and Fflyn Edwards (as Prince Harry) on a trip to Scotland.

Diana & Her Boys

“I think it's a really unique challenge as an actor, to portray those days," Elizabeth Debicki (who portrays Princess Diana in the final season) previously told TUDUM, adding that she trusted in creator Peter Morgan's "emotional blueprint that he created for us to follow. It's his interpretation and I think it made emotional sense to me, so I clung to that. Because, obviously, it's devastating and it's fraught and we can never know.”

Diana & Dodi's Romance

Part one of the final season shares a glimpse into Diana's relationship with Dodi Fayed, portrayed by actor Khalid Abdalla.

Ed McVey as Prince William

In part two of the final season, actor Ed McVey portrays Prince William.

The Future Prince and Princess of Wales

The two walk hand-in-hand in an official season six pic.

Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton

The actress appears in an official photo for The Crown season six.

Behind-the-Scenes fun

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy take a break from filming The Crown season six, in which they play William and Kate.

Flashback: Season 5

As a reminder, The Crown depicted William and his brother Prince Harry as kids (played by Will Powell and Senan West) on season 5. For season six, Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West⋅will reprise their roles of Princess Diana and Prince Charles (now King Charles III).

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