Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson

AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Pool Photographer

Michael Jackson search warrants are starting to resemble a certain fast-food franchise: By the end of the case, it's quite possible there may be billions served.

Today's special was dished out to the Applied Pharmacy Services Building in Las Vegas, where the Drug Enforcement Administration's finest did some probing on behalf of the warrant-issuing Los Angeles Police Department, ostensibly to bolster the ongoing manslaughter investigation into Dr. Conrad Murray.

"Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that we're looking for documents," DEA Assistant Special Agent Mike Flanagan said.

DEA spokesman Jose Martinez told E! News that the DEA, LAPD and Las Vegas Police Department were all involved in today's search for "records related to controlled substances."

While he did not specify what those records were, it's possible that prescriptions and shipping information sent to Murray or Jackson—potentially under aliases—were on their must-find list.

Martinez confirmed that the compound pharmacy was served with a notice of inspection along with the search warrant this morning, though did not disclose any specifics as to how the pharmacy was connected to their investigation.

Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, told E! News he had "no comment" on the search or the doctor's link to the pharmacy.


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