Victoria Beckham Shares Why She Was “Pissed Off” With David Beckham Over Son Cruz’s Birth

Victoria Beckham got candid on how her husband David Beckham almost missed the birth of their son Cruz due to a photo shoot with Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

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Victoria Beckham is remembering the time she was Angry Spice.

In David Beckham's new Netflix docu-series Beckham, the Spice Girls alum got candid on the time the soccer player almost missed the birth of their son Cruz in 2005, due to a photo shoot with Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

"I was like, ‘Seriously, I'm about to burst,'" Victoria recounted in the series, per InStyle. "I'm on bed rest. Are you kidding me?! You've got a damn photoshoot with Jennifer Lopez who is gorgeous and not about to have a baby.'"

Although David was able to make it when the 49-year-old gave birth, she was once again reminded of the infamous reason why David almost missed watching their now 18-year-old son come into the world.

"So, I had my C-section and I remember lying there, I don't feel at my most gorgeous, let's just say, and I remember someone showing me the front page of the newspaper, which was a gorgeous picture of David between Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé," Victoria shared. "And the headline was, ‘What would Posh say?'"

 "Let me tell you what Posh would say," she continued. "Posh was pissed off!" 

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It wasn't the first time her birth experience was challenging. Years prior, the couple had a harrowing experience during the arrival of their first son Brooklyn in 1999. Victoria revealed in the Netflix documentary they received kidnapping threats after David got a red card during the World Cup. As she put it, "I mean, you can't even explain how that feels, because we couldn't hide."

David—who also shares Romeo, 21, and Harper, 12, with Victoria—also couldn't help but feel a sense of fear after Brooklyn, 24, was born.

"The moment he came out, I all of sudden thought, ‘How am I going to protect him?'" he recalled. "That night, Brooklyn slept next to Victoria. Victoria was like, ‘Come on, squeeze on the bed with me,' and I was like, ‘Absolutely not, I'm sleeping with my head against the door.' Because I was paranoid that someone was gonna steal him."

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Giving a glimpse into the darker side of fame, David continued, "It's meant to be a happy moment, and it was a happy moment, of course. But I was worried. I didn't want him to come into this life, at a time where I was going through what I was going through."

But through all the trials and tribulations Victoria and David have faced since tying the knot in 1999, the two have been one another's strongest teammate during it all. The retired athlete even gave credit to the fashion designer when it came to working on Beckham.

"She kind of left me to it, in all honesty," David told E! News Oct. 3 of Victoria's involvement in the series. "She's obviously very supportive, like she's always been throughout our whole marriage and time together. But she knew that this is my thing—but obviously it's our thing because it's about our family as well, and our lives together." 

And for more of the Beckhams, make sure to tune in to E! News Oct. 4.

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