Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Bono, The Edge

Courtesy Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark; Mark Wilson/ Getty Images

This ain't the kind of green goblin your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's used to battling.

Production on the heavily hyped Broadway musical Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark—featuring music by U2's Bono and The Edge—has been shut down because backers can't seem to get their Spidey cents tingling.

Hello Entertainment, one of the principle producers of the mega-tuner, says in a statement that the company has suffered an "unexpected cash-flow problem" that has prompted it to halt set construction and other shop work.

But does that mean the musical is going dark for good?

No. Hello is optimistic the money trouble will be sorted out soon, and as of now preview performances are still scheduled to begin Feb. 25 at the Hilton Theatre.

"The plans necessary for this correction are in hand now, and it is expected that activities, including work in the theater, will resume within the immediate future and with no material impact upon the planned production schedule," the company's statement says.

The cast, which includes Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson and Tony winner Alan Cumming as Spider-Man nemesis Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin), remains intact and Julie Taymor (The Lion King) is on board to direct.


Who do producers have lined up to play the webslinger opposite Rachel? Marc Malkin has the scoop.

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