Gavin Rossdale Shares Update on His and Gwen Stefani's Son Kingston's Music Career

Gavin Rossdale got candid on his and Gwen Stefani's son Kingston making music that he deems "Justin Bieber-quality singles."

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Gavin Rossdale as no doubt about his son's music skills.

In fact, the Bush frontman got candid about his and ex Gwen Stefani's son Kingston Rossdale, noting the 17-year-old may be heading towards his own career in music.

"I got him a Logic studio for Christmas," Gavin told Us Weekly in an interview published Sept. 22. "He's got my whole [guitar] pedal rig, a bunch of vintage guitars, all this stuff. I've helped him out to have a nice setup, but that is it. As opposed to really recording so much for himself, he's begun to work with other people."

Comparing Kingston's abilities to a well-known artist, the 57-year-old added, "He's written some way legit, Justin Bieber-quality singles. I'm like, ‘Oh god, it's really good. I can't believe it.' He has such a great ear for melody."

The "Glycerine" singer—who also shares sons Zuma 15, and Apollo, 9, with Gwen—revealed that despite Kingston excelling in pop music his interests lie in the world of alternative rock.

"Now, he really loves the Deftones and The Smashing Pumpkins," Gavin continued, "which is fun."

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But despite Kingston's love for rock, he isn't necessarily fawning over his dad's band.

"It's so close to [my music]—I wish he were really deeply into me," Gavin teased, "but he's not. He's into the Pumpkins, which is great. They're an incredible band. We love Billy [Corgan], we love the Deftones, and it's so fun—walking past his room, and he's playing a Deftones riff. But, what's so strange, anthropologically, is that he does not quiz me about stuff. It's all independent of me, and intentionally so."

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But Gavin understands that despite having rocker parents, Kingston's creative process doesn't involve him or the No Doubt singer.

"He needs to be in his room," Gavin explained. "He needs to be discovering things in his room, not sitting down with me and asking me how to do it. It's just how it goes. And it's better, because I want [the discovery] to be independent. And what I'm saying is, what kind of thrills me about it is that independently, he likes the same things I do. So, it's beautiful."

And Kingston not the only one exploring their passion for music as Zuma has also gotten a taste, although he may have to credit stepdad Blake Shelton, whom Gwen married in 2021 following her 2016 divorce from Gavin.

"My younger son is having a relationship with country music," Gavin joked. "That is a worry."

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Back in August, Kingston marked his first public show with a performance at Blake's bar Ole Red in Tishomingo, Okla.

"I've very excited, actually honored, to be the first one to introduce this guy to the stage for the very first time ever," the Voice alum said, as captured in a fan's video. "This guy's an artist, he's the real deal and you guys are going to be able to say that you were there at his very first ever public performance."

Blake concluded his sweet introduction, "His music is rock so I bet we got some rock fans out here. He's only 17 years old, everybody. Here he is, Mr. Kingston Rossdale, everybody!"  

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