Sienna Miller

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We kinda dig Sienna Miller here at the AT—mostly on-screen, since we think the babe can actually act ('tho G.I. Joe ain't exactly Hamlet). Not too shabby to look at or goss about, either—her off-screen habits are constantly eye-roll worthy.

SM frolics on a beach, topless, with a still-married man, then still gets uppity when people pry into her personal life? Nothing's private when ya do it in the public eye, dearie. Still, Ms. Miller wasn't too fond of the question we dared to ask at the Rise of the Cobra screening at Grauman's Chinese.

Can ya guess which Q was from us?

Guess the Gossip: Monday, Aug. 10
Which question did we ask on the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra red carpet that promptly ended our interview with Sienna Miller?

B) If you could get a paparazzi alone in a room and lock the doors, what would you do to them?

Yeah, like we wanted to get suckerpunched in the face by her team—or bitched out by Sienna herself like she did with that radio DJ—by asking about her scrutinized, sorta screwed up love life.

Even though that's all we really wanna know about, we're smarter than that. Funnier, too. And that query was totally, like, tame, no? We thought Sienna would chuckle and give us a cute response with that dry Brit wit we hear so much about. But as soon as the question left our lips, Sien shut down and stuttered out, all worried like, "I don't know," before her publicist whisked her away, end of interview right there.

Oh, how you lie, darling.

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