Gilles Marini, 2010 Calendar

We know Gilles Marini can act, we know he can strut his stuff on the dance floor and we know he poses quite nicely for the camera. But can he sing?

According to him, yes!

The multitalented Mr. Marini is working on an album. Yes, an album...

Gilles promises a star-studded debut. "I'm currently in talks with top-notch female artists who are big right now," Gilles told us last night at SunStyle Tanning Studio's Reality Cares Sizzles event in L.A. "I'd love to work with Mariah, Shakira or Sara Bareilles."

And we were kidding ourselves if we thought we could get through a Gilles story without mentioning his bod.

The native Frenchman says stripping down for the camera, like he did for his 2010 calendar, has never been a big deal for him. "I am from a country where nudity is totally different from here, and I know 15 years from now, what I did will be completely common," Gilles said. "I had to get naked to be famous—as a way to get into what I want to do in my life, which is acting."

He added, "If you have a problem with nudity, something is wrong in your mind."

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


See more of Gilles in not much clothing in these extra-sizzling photos!

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