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American Idol auditions kick off today in Denver with Posh Spice filling in for Paula AbdulRyan Seacrest broadcasted his KIIS-FM morning show on location, which allowed him to talk to Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and Victoria Beckham about how everyone is coping with this new Idol situation.

In short, it's hard but they're all surviving. As Randy put it: "But look, I mean, you know, hey, we gotta try and make it work, man."

Now, before we let the newbie Victoria gush about her Idol excitement, let us pay our respects to Paula...

Kara will miss Paula's heart: "I still can't get over it. Completely shocked. It's such a loss for the show and the contestants. She's definitely the heart of the panel. The kind of heart she treated the contestants with she treated me with last year...She was so kind to me and made me feel immediately like part of the panel. I'm hoping she'll reconsider. I have left her a lot of messages. I talked to her last week. But haven't spoke to her since this news."

And Randy is sure she's in a better place now: "I spoke to her a couple days ago and really still sad about that and just shocked. Can't even believe it's possible. You know, we all started this together on this journey of making this one of the biggest shows, if not the biggest show, in the world. So it's sad to not have her with us, you know what I mean. But I'm sure there's going to be great things out there for her."

Meanwhile Victoria is way excited to be part of her favorite show.

"It's just great, and I'm still grinning from ear to ear," she told Ryan. "And I'm going to try hard to pout and not shatter that illusion that I'm a moody cow. I don't know if I can, I'm just so happy!"

Despite all her moody cowness, Victoria says she's going to try to still be the nice one in Paula's place. "I want to be nice to people. I know what it feels like to stand there and be judged and how it can feel when nerves really get the better of you."

And things should be especially interesting between Lady Becks and Simon Cowell given this bit: "He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said that we would never work...I'm looking forward to a bit of banter. I hope he does give me a hard time. I love that, I feed off of that. I think he's great."

Ah, more banter in fancy British accents. Should be fun!


What else is in store for this Idol season? It's all right here.

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