Constantine Maroulis, Paula Abdul

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Lili Claire

Former American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis apparently is among the many alumni disappointed about Paula Abdul leaving the show.

But he's probably the only one who had to take a punch to defend her honor.

According to the New York Daily News, the Rock of Ages star said something about hoping the "Forever Your Girl" singer would eventually return to Idol, a well-dressed man pushed him to the ground and started throwing punches.

Indeed, the Tony nominee Twittered that, while Kanye West was performing at a party for Casio Wednesday night, he was attacked.

"Some drunk dude tackled me in the middle of the concert and jumped on me," he wrote.

The man hit and kicked him repeatedly before security stepped in, the newspaper reports. "The guy body-slammed him and punched him in the face and then just stood up, straightened his tie, and said, ‘B—ch, don’t you ever,’ before walking away," their witness said.

At least the Tony nominee had a sense of humor about the incident.
"Broke up quick, didn't even know him. Or throw one punch," he Twittered. "I don't mind a fight...but only when its fair and I'm lookin'."

We doubt Abdul was speaking specifically to Maroulis when she tweeted, "You've been nothing shy of brilliant in your loving way of taking great care of me," yesterday, but we're sure the statement still applies.


Paula might be making an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance next season. BTW, did you hear who won?

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