The Breakfast Club, Cast

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Where to begin? Matthew Broderick singing "Danke Schoen" on a Chicago parade float. Ally Sheedy shaking dandruff onto the table in detention hall in The Breakfast Club, or maybe Judd Nelson softly, verbally tormenting Molly Ringwald. Oh, or James Spader's jacket and Jon Cryer's hat in Pretty in Pink.

The good moments from the movies of John Hughes, who died today at age 59, are so good, it's tough to pick a fave. But while he wrote a ton of classics—from National Lampoon's Vacation to Home Alone—we can agree he was at his best putting the heartbreak, style and culture of American teenagers on film.

So which one is closest to your heart? Our choices may be the big ones from his high school canon, but if you're all about Weird Science and Some Kind of Wonderful, drop some love in the comments.

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What's your favorite John Hughes teen comedy?


Relive his classic films—from Weird Science to Home Alone—in our John Hughes tribute gallery.

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