Jon Gosselin Goes Public With Girlfriend Stephanie Lebo After 2 Years of Dating

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, beautician-turned-research analyst Stephanie Lebo, after quietly dating for two years: "We are really happy and in love."

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Jon Gosselin is finally ready to share his love with the world.

After keeping their romance under wraps for the last two years, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum opened up about life with his girlfriend Stephanie Lebo.

So, why the wait? "My previous relationships would all go well in the beginning but then they'd move to miscommunications and secrets," Jon explained in a joint interview with The Sun. "Trust has always been an issue, but not this time." 

As he noted, "I always thought my relationships were going to be a struggle and people would always have a chip on their shoulder where they'd say, 'Screw you, you're famous and I don't have anything and I've had to give up this or that.' But this time it's not like that at all. It's easy." 

The 46-year-old first met Stephanie at a mutual friend's backyard party months after his 2021 breakup with Colleen Conrad, according to Jon. The two stayed connected on social media in the following days, before he asked her out to a date at a local bistro. 

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"He had ordered me a creme brûlée cheesecake so it was waiting for me when I arrived, which is super sweet, but I don't like cheese so that was kind of funny," Stephanie recalled to the publication. "I wanted to kiss him in the parking lot after that first date, he walked me to my car and did that Cinderella spin thing to me and I just felt it."


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Although the research analyst was aware of Jon's relationship history—having seen a few episodes of his TLC show, on which he appeared alongside ex-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight kids—she wasn't fazed by his past one bit. In fact, according to Jon, she was more concerned about what he would think of her being a mom herself.

"She said to me, 'I have a kid,'" the reality star—who shares 22-year-old twins Mady and Cara as well as 19-year-old sextuplets CollinHannahAadenJoelAlexis and Leah with Kate—recounted, "and I just said, 'a kid? Who cares, I have eight!'"

The couple "fell in love very quickly," Stephanie said, noting that they "rarely argue."


Jon added, "We are really happy and in love. We are very comfortable with each other, it just fits. Plus all our friends are the same people, instead of ‘Your friends' and 'My friends.""

As for his exes? Jon is "on good terms" with Colleen, who he dated for seven years prior to their split. 

"People might see what's going on between me and Kate over the past few years and think I am the difficult character," he explained, "but I'm actually on good terms with all my exes—Kate is the only one I don't speak to."

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