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Fan faves Fringe and Glee hit the stage at the Television Critics Association press tour today, and both casts tantalized us with tidbits about their shows, including the fate of Kirk Acevedo's outgoing character, Charlie, on Fringe. Read on to find out what producers told us to expect from the season premiere of Fringe, along with some juicy scoop about Glee, King of the Hill and Dollhouse:


Fringe fans, brace yourself for the launch of the new season on Sept. 17, because something heartrending happens with Charlie. According to exec producer J.H. Wyman, "That is going to be a continuing storyline throughout the season. It should thrill. Nobody ever really disappears, and they could come back at any time. There is a parallel universe. Maybe [Charlie] will show up [there]. I think a lot of the answers you're looking for will be clear in [episodes] two and three and four. You'll really enjoy it."

Science be damned, there are only two universes in Fringe, one of which the producers refer to as "over there."

Will there be any romance coming for Olivia and Peter? Per show runner Jeff Pinkner, "As long as the emotion is true, we're open to anything."

• Anna Torv had to eat pureed worms on the set yesterday. Isn't it glam being an actress?


Don't let anyone tell you that Jane Lynch ditched Party Down for Glee: "I didn't choose this over that. This was in first position technically. I'm acting in the role of a lifetime. The words they have written to come out of my mouth are some of the best heinous things I've ever said."

According to the producers, Glee has a deal with Columbia Records and the show's first CD comes out in November, the second episode comes out in December. They produced more than 60 tracks for first 13 episodes.

You fans of Kevin McHale can look for him to be featured in an all-wheelchair dance number this fall. The show premieres Sept. 9 with a "director's cut" version of the pilot.


The last six episodes of King of the Hill are not going to air on Fox.

Per Fox boss Kevin Reilly, Joss Whedon's mandate for Dollhouse season two is to "Keep doing what [he's] doing."

Wanda Sykes, appearing at Fox's press tour on behalf of the upcoming The Wanda Sykes Show, confirmed that she will appear on the next season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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