Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Daisy and Colin Slam Each Other & Reveal OMG Details From Messy Breakup

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae revealed the shocking reasons they are no longer on good terms following their season four boatmance during the season four reunion.

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Watch: Daisy Kelliher Teases Below Deck Romance With Colin on Season 4

Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae's budding boatmance has officially capsized—for good.

During the final episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht's season four reunion on July 18, the Bravo stars revealed that their romantic relationship crashed and burned weeks after disembarking the Parsifal III last year.

"We explored something together," Colin admitted to host Andy Cohen, adding that he and Daisy met up during multiple trips to New York, Mexico and the Newport Boat Show in Rhode Island. "Then it kind of turned a little toxic I'd say and I ended things around December last year."

As for why things went south, Daisy—whose flirtation with costar Gary King caused drama during her budding romance with the chief engineer—claimed Colin had another woman on the side.

"We return to the boat and I find out he's sleeping with someone he's working with," she explained. "So, I immediately retreat, I put up all of my walls. This is nothing that gets shown, nothing that's aired. And I become very defensive. Colin made me feel incredibly guilty about the Gary thing. That didn't just happen on season, that happened throughout the year."

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According to Daisy, she was devastated to find out about Colin's other relationship from their BDSY costars. "It was very shocking for me to hear, very hurtful," she continued, "and the toxicity was always there because the trust was never there."

But the bombshells didn't stop there. As Colin then revealed, their romance actually started earlier than they initially claimed, noting, "Before filming season four, Daisy and I hooked up."

While the admission shocked Andy and the rest of the cast, it infuriated Daisy, who proceeded to drop a F-bomb-filled rant exposing even more secrets.

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"Why don't we go back to season two when we finished filming when you were in a serious relationship with your girlfriend and you pulled me aside in the bar and you were like, 'If I was single you are definitely the person I'd want to hook up with,'" the chief stew retorted. "Then, end of season three, you pulled me aside at the pontoon when we were having a party and you were like, 'I really want to kiss you.' And i was like, 'This is awkward because you're in a serious relationship.'"

Colin's response? "I think only Daisy can sit there with zero remorse and turn this around on me," he fired back. "It's a unique skill."

His comment caused Daisy to burst into tears and walk off camera. Upon her return, the Ireland native explained why she was so emotional.

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"I'm f--ked either way," Daisy stated. "I'm always gonna be the bitter, angry, crazy woman. I'm never gonna win. It's never gonna matter what I say. I defend myself, I'm defensive. I sleep with someone, I'm a slut. I speak up, I'm angry or toxic. I stay silent, I'm weak."

The explosive confrontation ended with Andy asking the one question everyone wanted to know: Did Colin and Daisy actually love each other before their romance imploded?

Colin answered he "1,000 percent" had true feelings for her, with Daisy replying, "I think we were definitely very strong feelings to the point of we were possibly falling in love, but, no, I wasn't. I was more betrayed by the fact that he didn't tell me he was with this girl."

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